General Motors to follow Tesla’s steps and accept bitcoin payments

General Motors may become the second automaker to accept bitcoin as a means of payment. The carmaker has already implemented some important projects in the blockchain, but for now it remains neutral in terms of the adoption of bitcoin.


General Motors recently conducted a survey of its customers to find out their opinion on the use of bitcoin for payments.


It may be preparing to accept bitcoin payments for its vehicles. Although nothing specific has been announced yet, the recent research of the company on the possibility of using bitcoin by its customers shows us if nothing else that it is considered as a possibility. If all this becomes a reality, then it will be the second car company to accept bitcoin payments after Tesla.


Last month, the CEO of the company, Marry Barra, denied that there is an investment interest in bitcoin. Barra was asked if the company intends to introduce bitcoin in its portfolio, as this trend is now spreading to many high-profile companies.


We have no plans to invest in bitcoin, so stop there“, and added: “The company will monitor and evaluate the interests of customers when it comes to using digital currency as a method of payment.”


General Motors is one of the largest car manufacturers in the world. The company throughout its history has gone through many protocols and procedures before introducing something new to the market. While the company’s interest in Bitcoin is unclear, the carmaker fully understands the importance and the value of the blockchain technology, on which bitcoin was developed.


General Motors has already started patching blockchain uses for automation and safety information when driving without a driver, so we will probably not be surprised if the company finally adopts bitcoin.