Crypto Tools


There are so many online tools that you can easily access to understand a little bit more about the crypto currency world. There are a few things you must acknowledge before participating in any crypto activities.




At we know that it is difficult for a beginner to find all the resources and tools that might be useful to him. Below you will see all the information you need to know, categorised, for your better convenience.

Sites you can visit for basic info

If you wish to find out some information on cryptocurrencies and the crypto world in general, we suggest you visit:

Sites to visit if you want to read news

Crypto specific websites with news are a very important tool, as they are a way of keeping up with the latest headlines, see the values of each crypto currency, or find general information on topics that you might be interested in. There are hundreds or news sites to choose from, but it is your decision which one you will visit, according to what you wish to read:


Trading and investment sites

Now that you are familiar with the crypto world, you can take a step a bit further and invest or trade cryptocurrencies. Below you will find some very useful sites on trading and investing:


  • Coinbase: Probably one of the most popular places people visit to buy and sell crypto currencies.
  • Kraken: Founder, Jesse Powell, gives people the opportunity to quickly and securely invest in the crypto space, through Kraken.

Sites on security

We have gathered a few sites that help you against scams, hacking and other bad sites, when it comes to cryptos:


Apps and tools on buying and selling cryptos

The ability to buy and trade crypto currencies is the best way for newbies to get involved more in the crypto world. There are many apps that allow you to purchase or sell any cryptos you wish like:


  • This app allows you to trade, buy and sell crypto currencies with confidence. It is the world’s leading trading network, with millions of registered users and a great number of investment tools.
  • This particular site allows you to track the price, the volume, the market capitalisation and supply of your chosen crypto. You can either visit it from your desktop or the app available.

Forum sites on cryptos

Forums are platforms in which people can discuss crypto currency topics, get opinions from other people, or share their experiences:


  • Reddit, as most of you already know, is a discussion forum. This particular page is dedicated to all the crypto lovers out there, who can share their own experiences with cryptocurrencies.
  • Another great form, in which people around the world can share their thoughts and discussions on any crypto related subjects.
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