Tron Casinos: Play with TRX!

The online gambling industry has grown far beyond what anyone could have ever anticipated. According to recent data by, online casinos were valued at an annual rate of $59 billion for 2020.


The industry is expected to grow by a compounded annual growth rate of 11.5% between 2020-2027, reaching $127 billion by 2027.


It would appear that everywhere you look there’s a cryptocurrency being launched, being traded, and being accepted as legal tender by online casinos.


Today you will be introduced to yet another one that has created a storm in the world of casino games, and it is none other than TRON. Well, technically it would be TRX and we’ll explore that distinction in greater detail below.


What is TRON?

In 2017 the TRON Foundation, founded by Justin Sun, created a blockchain system called TRON. It was built to be the host of an international entertainment system that would allow for cost-efficient sharing among users.


In a two-birds-one-stone sort of setup, TRON would be simultaneously providing an alternative to the powerful controllers of internet services.


Shortly after the inception of TRON, Justin Sun announced that the TRON Foundation launched an initial price offering for their new cryptocurrency TRONIX or TRX for short, of which they only created a finite amount, 100 billion to be exact.


In the end, they managed to pool $70 million before the Chinese government closed the door on digital tokens, and while some believed that that TRON bit off more than it could chew, the TRON Foundation continued making improvements on their systems.


A brief year later, Justin Sun and his team changed the TRON code from ERC-20 tokens to a peer-to-peer network that is completely independent.


Over the following twelve months, TRON become more and more popular among cryptocurrency traders and investors, eventually, TRON amassed a market cap that totaled $1.6 billion.


At the time of writing this review, TRON is currently at number #22 on with a total market cap of $7.58 billion, indicating massive amounts of growth over the last two years.


TRON blockchain’s development saw TRON support very high throughput and smart contracts, and because of this development with the smart contracts, TRON allowed developers to create and run their own TRON DApps thus becoming a very successful conduit through which many DApps were launched.


The massive interest resulted in the emergence of TRON gambling DApps and TRON online casinos which give players an alternative to some of the other crypto gambling DApps and casino sites they had been using.


TRON Online Casino Guide

You might be wondering why you should gamble with TRX tokens, and there are several reasons why this could be beneficial to you.


One of them being that TRON casinos are decentralized, and that means that you can analyze their legitimacy from their blockchain, this transparency should put most players at ease.


Still, it’s possible you may have some doubts, and that is fair as there have been casinos that have ripped players off, and while we condemn such establishments that betray their patrons in such a way, we are confident you won’t find that same experience with TRON casinos.


Many of these TRON casinos and their DApps are provably fair, and if that isn’t enough it is worth noting that you keep your TRX crypto in your TRON TRX wallet, so that diminishes any chances of your funds being looted.


TRON’s machine makes use of supernodes spanning across an international network that allows for incredibly fast transactions, up to 2000 per second, meaning deposits and withdrawals are processed almost instantly.


These are our recommendations on the very top TRON gambling sites and TRON casinos available globally, some of which will contain additional TRX casino bonuses:


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TRON Casinos and TRX Casinos, is there any difference? How can I play?

TRON and TRX casinos are used interchangeably, if you find casinos preferring one title over another, do not be deterred as you will be using TRX crypto on either platform regardless of the name.


If you’ve made it this far, you’re definitely interested in TRON gambling and what it has to offer, and the first step would be to get a TRON wallet if you don’t already have one.


The most popular TRON wallet among users is TRONLink, which can be downloaded via Google Play and iOS App Stores for free.


The next step would be to purchase some TRX tokens and you can do this by visiting, where you will find a list of exchanges that you can choose from including Poloniex, Bitfinex, Huobi, and 79 more.


Once you have bought your TRX crypto, you will transfer them into your wallet and then deposit those funds into any of the best TRON casinos.


What you will find is that one of the differentiators between TRON and the majority of its competitors is the signup process.


The moment you have set up your TRON wallet with TRONLink or any other wallet providers, you won’t need to sign-up at each new online casino you choose to play at. Pretty neat right?


We are confident that your TRON gambling experience will be smooth, packed with loads of fun, and safe as the provably fair algorithm gives you peace of mind.


To aid you in that pursuit of fun, we have put together a list of recommendations for the very best TRON casinos and TRON casino sites available globally:


Many TRON casinos have made it possible for players to earn dividends in the form of TRX tokens through gambling with them.


You will also have the option of freezing your tokens, which opens up a potentially lucrative stream of income for you, as you will receive a share of the casino’s revenue proportionate to the amount of TRX tokens you possess. This is rare among crypto casinos.


More often than not this revenue split from the TRON casino sites is paid every day, and that should make you a very happy player indeed!


Provably Fair

Provably fair is a feature that works with an algorithm based on blockchain technology that allows players from around the globe to verify how fair the games they’re playing online are.


For them to be able to do this, the casinos work with blockchain technology and use a special code they have coined the ‘provably fair algorithm.’


When the game is done the results are generated with an encrypted key and that key is sent to the player with another key that will allow them to verify just how correct (provably fair) the casino games are.


The information is entirely cryptographic and is not managed by the TRON casinos and if the information proves to be the same as before, then the game is said to be ‘provably fair.’


TRON Casino Games

The TRON casinos have made it a matter of importance to have a better selection of games on their platform as compared to any rival crypto casino, and they have achieved this through community-based online gambling on their various DApps.


Live chats, leaderboards, rankings, and all sorts of community-based metrics are commonplace on these platforms and that creates a social element that many other casinos lack. This does not mean they have negated the tried and trusted online games that are played all over the world.


All TRON casinos offer a selection of classic real-world games, table games, slots, and more for you to start playing on their platform. Some of these online games include:


TRON Dice – Dice games are seen as rather exciting by most online gamblers and with the various TRON casinos, you can find titles that are unique in their own right like Dice52 and many others.


These TRON dice games are safe for players as they employ a provably fair system.


TRON Slots – Slots are some of the most historically popular games among online gamblers. TRON casinos will usually have a number of slot games on their platform that wouldn’t typically be made available by other crypto casinos. Slot games are verifiable via the provably fair algorithm.


TRON Roulette – A true classic of the table games that remains popular with casino players throughout the ages, roulette is one of the most played games among TRON and TRX casinos.


You will also have the option of playing Real Money Live Dealer Roulette which features an interactive interface that you will use to place bets, live chat, varied camera angles, and an entertaining host.


TRON Blackjack – Another classic among casino games that is one the very best TRON games you can play, and with blockchain-based playing online gamblers can rest assured knowing the games they play are safe provably fair.


Like roulette and slots, the TRX casinos will offer more than one version of blackjack including single-hand blackjack, and multi-hand, where you can enjoy a low house edge and potentially fatten your wallet.


TRON Virtual sports betting – The TRON casinos take no shortcuts when ensuring you have a variety of sports to bet on including games like football, tennis, basketball, and more.


TRON sportsbooks offer really competitive odds that are especially attractive when games play.


TRON Video poker – The TRON casinos boast a large number of players that have been growing over time. This can be due to the fact that the gamblers like the provably fair feature that comes along with video poker and they also relish playing with a low house edge each time they play.


The TRON casinos also offer other live casino games to play, lottery, and lottery-styled games, scratch cards, TRON moon, and much much more.


The various TRON casinos have dedicated their efforts to ensure that you are satisfied whether you enjoy social gaming or competitive gaming and everything in between.


TRON Casino Bonuses

There are different kinds of bonuses that are offered depending on which one of the various TRX casinos you choose.


The vast majority of casinos offer welcome bonuses, then you may find promotional bonuses, free spins, and in some cases, jackpot bonuses.


Of course, before claiming any bonus it is important that you look out for any wagering requirements. Some of these bonuses include:


Welcome bonus – A number of TRON casinos generally offer generous deposit bonuses that increase your initial deposits by a particular percentage and sometimes the deposit bonus can be up to 100%.


Promotional bonus – TRON casinos offer various kinds of promotional bonuses including a no deposit bonus, which allows gamblers to play games without depositing any of their own money into these casinos.


That gives the player an opportunity to test out the various TRON casinos and see which one offers the best TRON gambling experience.


Free spins – The TRON and TRX casinos offer free spins to the gamblers playing slots, some of them even offering up to 250 free spins.


Progressive jackpots – With this type of bonus, the prizes keep increasing until a player wins the jackpot.


The players receive a particular amount of free spins, additionally, the TRON casinos may offer rewards that the players can claim while they use their free spins. Be sure to check for any expiry dates on your free spins or any other kind of bonus.


Tron Casino Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Gambling TRON offers a sense of control and security for its users. If you have signed up with TRONLink or a similar wallet, you won't need to sign up again with the various casinos. Developer activity lists are used by cryptocurrency traders and investors to help them in making their decisions around investing in or trading a particular crypto.
TRON casinos also tend to be the authority in slots and dice as compared to other crypto casinos, offering a selection of titles that aren't available through other gaming casinos. The TRON Foundation is absent from any of the development lists available online, so we could speculate forever and say that they are concealing the development of applications on their platform from the public but that is rather unlikely.
This is not only limited to slots and dice as the TRON DApps are expanding their selection of peer-to-games and virtual casino games like Live Poker. This tends to make investors, traders, and gamblers nervous as they are unable to use any of the data to inform their decisions. Long term, it could potentially damage the trust people have in TRON and TRX.
TRON casinos have a vested interest in community-based gaming, so you will find several titles that have live chat functionality, leaderboards, and rankings; which make for an exciting gaming experience. Additionally, TRON and TRX are very sensitive to negative news and media. This was apparent when the Chinese government spoke out against cryptocurrencies, subsequently driving down the price of TRON TRX tokens quite dramatically, regardless of integrations, partnerships, and DApps.
TRON casinos also reward their community with a multitude of truly exciting bonuses that enhance the overall online gaming experience. One final thing to note is the possibility that certain TRON casinos may not be available in your region because they are geo-restricted.
TRON casinos are especially notable for the dividend sharing system as players have the option of earning dividends in the form of TRX cryptocurrency, which adds an exciting; additional income stream for online users.
The vast majority of the TRON casino games operate on the provably fair algorithm, meaning your bets are safe and you are not at risk of being robbed by the casinos.
Of course, a major selling point of TRON casinos and TRON, in general, is the incredibly fast processing of deposits and withdrawals, this proves very useful to players who don't want to keep their tokens in the casino or in their wallet.
Rest assured with the TRON network you wouldn't be waiting nearly as long to have your deposits and withdrawals processed as you would with Bitcoin or Ethereum.


TRON Casino Withdrawals

Once you have opened your online casino account and you have a positive balance, you should be able to find a deposits and withdrawals option from the menu tab. Once you have selected it, you will enter the amount you would like to withdraw and then follow the prompts.


You can expect a very fast, almost instant payment into your TRON TRX wallet as the TRON blockchain processes 2000 transactions per second.


Depending on your personal preference and the casino that you chose, you may or may not be required to provide KYC information. Be sure to check the withdrawal process on the casino’s website before attempting any transactions.


Transactions processed on the TRON blockchain are incredibly safe as they are recorded into ‘blocks’ and issued a time-stamp from the blockchain. This results in a complex digital ledger that makes it extremely difficult for hackers to attack.


Additionally, the TRON casinos make use of two-factor authentication which provides another layer of protection for online users.



TRON Casino Customer Support

Depending on the TRON casino that you have selected, there will be different options for reaching customer support.


The most common are email and the 24/7 Live Chat which will generally be operated by an AI Robot.


Some TRX casinos may list a contact number, and in some cases, these numbers are toll-free. Some casinos may list their physical address, and if it’s in your vicinity you could opt to reach support from their offices.


TRON Casinos Review and Final Thoughts

This overview has extensively gone over TRON and TRX casinos, their many benefits and offerings. We compared the vast advantages that TRON casinos have over other online casinos, as well as the greater selection of games as compared to TRON’s competitors.


These unique games are creating a surging interest in TRON DApps, which are becoming more and more popular as the TRON network continually proves its prominence and significance in the online gaming and crypto industry.


There is an array of exciting benefits waiting for gamblers on the other side including some of the most innovating gambling DApps which are exclusive to TRON due to its blockchain-based development protocol, an ever-expanding TRON network, and a relatively low house edge that makes for an excellent gaming experience.


However even with all these benefits comes with a certain measure of risk, and it would be only prudent of you as a responsible gambler to do your research on the various TRON casinos you may be interested in gaming with.


Despite the bearish nature of the cryptocurrency market as of late, the TRON statistics, research, and analysis predict that TRX is likely going to be on the rise over the next several years as cryptos become more popular and widely accepted globally.


TRON offers an exciting alternative, we encourage you to try it and play responsibly.


Tron Casinos FAQs

  • What is TRON?

    TRON is a blockchain developed by Justin Sun and the TRON Foundation in 2017, with a payment system powered by a cryptocurrency called TRONIX (TRX for short.)

  • Is TRON safe?

    Transactions processed on the TRON blockchain are relatively safe as they are recorded into ‘blocks’ and issued a time-stamp from the blockchain, creating a complex digital ledger that makes it difficult, but not impossible, for hackers to attack. For extra protection, TRON casinos make use of two-factor authentication.

  • How are TRON casinos different from any other crypto casino?

    Transactions on the TRON blockchain are almost instant, which is very helpful for players wanting to withdraw their crypto to their wallets or wanting to make a deposit without excessive waiting times, as the TRON blockchain processes at least 2000 transactions per second.

    Additionally, TRON and TRX casinos are especially notable for the dividend sharing system as players have the option of earning dividends in the form of TRX cryptocurrency, which adds an exciting; additional income stream to supplement their online gambling.

  • How can I start playing online with TRON casinos?

    First, you would need to download a TRON wallet from either the Google Play or iOS App Stores, once you have registered and confirmed then you may purchase TRX cryptocurrency.

    Once you have a positive balance of TRX tokens then you may refer to our list of the very best TRON casinos globally, sign-up with them for free, and provide them with all of your relevant information.

    Finally, you would then deposit TRX from your wallet into your casino account and then you’re free to play.

  • Is there any difference between a TRX casino and a TRON casino?

    No, a TRX casino is just another name for a TRON casino. Both of them use TRX tokens on their platform as their cryptocurrency of choice.

  • What kind of bonuses do TRON casinos offer?

    There are a number of different bonuses offered by TRON casinos including deposit bonuses, promotional bonuses and jackpots.


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