Best Anonymous Casinos 2021

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Anonymous Casinos 2021

Over the past few years, we have seen a growing interest among online gamblers who want to play anonymously with anonymous casinos.


For many, it may be the first time you have heard of this, but anonymous casinos work, they are very real and have been gaining steady traction as of late.


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What Are Anonymous Casinos?

anonymous casino bitcoin

Anonymous casinos are online casinos that primarily make use of crypto. You can register and play on these casino sites without having to give out much of your personal details.  At these crypto casinos, all you need to do is sign up and just start playing.


These casinos give you the privacy and anonymity you are looking for by allowing you to use Bitcoin and other cryptos as a payment method.


These anonymous casinos allow you to become a member and play anonymously with them without having to share much of your personal information, and in some cases, you wouldn’t need to share any of your personal information.


These anonymous casinos are available to players from all around the globe, and we can expect that in the coming years the anonymous casino model will dominate the online gambling industry.

How Do Anonymous Casinos Work?

If you weren’t already aware, cryptocurrencies are digital currencies that operate independently outside of the fiat currency system and are not administered by central governing bodies.


In a fiat currency system, currencies are heavily regulated by institutional boards and that means that casino players would need to provide personal information about themselves, whereas with cryptocurrency and anonymous casinos you don’t need to do that.


The anonymous casinos thrive on the privacy they provide their players with as they accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as their payment method.


Therefore you can just sign up with the anonymous casino of your choice and make deposits and withdrawals with Bitcoin or other accepted cryptocurrencies.


During the sign-up process, you will notice that there is no required information on your part, as the standard of anonymity given is high. You mostly just need to provide an email address and you can start playing immediately.


An added benefit of anonymity is that players from around the world can participate in anonymous gambling as there is no geographical limitation where these casinos are concerned.


This does not mean that anonymous casinos don’t have the same functionality as traditional casinos, the opposite is true. Anonymous casinos are just as good and offer a number of amazing games, bonuses, and promotions.


Anonymous casinos primarily make use of cryptocurrency as the preferred choice among payment methods and as much it is easy to use for deposits and withdrawals, giving players peace of mind about quick transaction times and privacy.


It offers an efficient way of safely making transactions in a manner that is user-friendly. However, not all cryptocurrencies are made the same, in sense, some are better for online gambling than others.


For example, ZCash and Monero were created with built-in privacy features to enhance the discreetness of the online gambling experience. However, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Dogecoin, and Dash are also accepted by anonymous casinos and Bitcoin casinos.

How Safe is it to Gamble with Anonymous Casinos?

These casinos generally operate without a license, so from a regulatory point of view, it may not be the safest as there is no oversight from institutional bodies and the different governments. The legal implications of playing with these kinds of casinos and using real money are dependent on the jurisdiction you are playing from.


As a responsible gambler, you have a duty to yourself to check on the regulations of the region you are playing from before committing to any of the casinos, so as to make sure you are not potentially exposing yourself.


You would also need to check out the casinos you would like to play with, a website like ours is very helpful in identifying the good apples from the bad apples. We spend countless hours cataloging the very best anonymous casino platforms to ensure you don’t have to.


It is also good practice to look out for SSL certificates. SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer, and these certificates have two keys, one of them being private and the other public. These keys work together to create an encrypted connection that allows your data to move through the internet in a manner that is very safe for you. The SSL certificate will also have something known as ‘subject’ which is just the identity of the certificate/website owner.


Additionally, responsible gamblers should always check online forums to see what is being said about the casinos that they are interested in playing with, this is beneficial as you will get unfiltered and unbiased feedback which can help inform your decision on whether or not you should play with a certain casino.

Using a VPN to Gamble Anonymously

If you were wondering about how to stay safe while surfing the internet and gambling online, it would be a good idea to get a VPN as it provides an additional layer of protection by hiding your IP address and location. This is useful as packet sniffers and other malicious software won’t be able to penetrate your system, maintaining your anonymity on the web.


Anonymous casinos will generally have a log of the IP address of the players that have been gambling on their site or application. After some time has passed, the casinos will erase these logs to ensure that IP addresses are not found by hackers who could potentially misuse them however, using a VPN will always add an extra layer to your security which will only benefit you.

How Do I Register with an Anonymous Casino?

To begin have a look at the anonymous casino you would like to play with and pay attention to the cryptocurrencies that they accept, it will generally be more than one crypto unless it’s exclusively one of the anonymous Bitcoin casinos.


The next step would require a crypto wallet that can easily be downloaded on the iOS or Google Play App Stores.


You will then create an account and purchase cryptos that are accepted by your chosen anonymous casino.


Most online casinos use cryptography to create user accounts, so this would mean you would have to log into the anonymous casino using your hash number and not your personal details.


At present, there are only a handful of high quality anonymous casinos, but this is changing rather quickly as this model of gambling pools greater and greater levels of support.


We often suggest that players pick casinos that are licensed and this usually tends to be in the territories of Malta and the United Kingdom however, these casinos generally don’t have licenses and it tends to be their greatest inconvenience.


This doesn’t mean that you will not be able to play with these casinos if you are from Malta or the United Kingdom, as anonymous casinos are available globally.


We have voraciously perused the top anonymous casinos globally that accept various cryptos and we have put together a list of our best recommendations of reputable anonymous online casinos for you to choose from:

Anonymous Bitcoin Online Casinos

Bitcoin was the very first cryptocurrency introduced back in 2009. Many people were skeptical and even called it a speculative bubble, but Bitcoin proved all the naysayers wrong as it grew in popularity over the years, eventually possessing a market cap of over $820 billion.


As such, many people started finding various applications of Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency payment model, which included online gambling. Naturally, with the emergence of anonymous casinos, Bitcoin became the most popular choice of crypto by online casinos and was rapidly used by players gambling anonymously.


Many a Bitcoin casino offers user profiles that are generated automatically, and players can create them when playing with their real money. The rest of the process is the same as with any other crypto – a third-party wallet will hold your Bitcoin until you are ready to deposit it into your casino account.


To maintain safety when gambling with Bitcoin online, you can make use of a Bitcoin mixer. They are also known as Bitcoin scramblers and what they do is cut off the connection between the gambler’s old and new Btc address by mixing their Btc with other gamblers and Btc users in the mixing pool, and that will dissociate the coins from the original owner. This simply provides an extra layer of anonymity for you.

Anonymous Casino Games

online gambling

Cryptos have been making their way into the casino and gambling industry for many years now, but anonymous casinos still have a lack of game selection because game providers have made it notoriously difficult for their games to be played on these platforms.


The anonymous casinos are nowhere near as expansive as the traditional casinos that have a deeper range of games however the anonymous casino have figured out how to circumvent this issue in their own right, by developing a large selection of games themselves.


Additionally, a number of these casinos have white label solutions with game providers such as the popular Softswiss, thereby giving them a large selection of high-quality premium games that wouldn’t be available elsewhere. What you will find are a number of slot games, table games, card games, and other popular casino games within their range which are all provably fair.


Of the casinos we have identified, there are a few different casino games for you to choose from, some of which are exclusive to Bitcoin casinos. We have included them below:


Anonymous Casino Slots – It goes without saying that slots are the most popular choice among casino players. OneHash for example offers branded casino slot games such as Candy Dreams, Frozen Queen, Magic Stars, and more.


Anonymous Casino Roulette – There are few anonymous casino games that are as exciting as roulette, and the options for gamblers wanting to play are bountiful. Many anonymous casinos will have an option for you to play live or simply play at a table.


Anonymous Casino Blackjack – There are few table games that can be considered classic globally, and blackjack falls into that elite category of casino games.


There are a few options for players who want to play blackjack.


You will often find more than one type of blackjack game on offer, you can then read up on the differences before choosing which you would like to play.


Beyond slots, roulette and blackjack there are many other anonymous casino games on offer including virtual sports, sic bo, poker, of course, baccarat, bingo, lotteries, and many, many more.

Are Anonymous Casinos Provably Fair?

Provably fair is an algorithm that makes use of technologies that allow players all around the globe to manually verify the fairness of any of the games that they are engaging with online.


The casinos will use the provably fair algorithm to generate an encrypted key with the results of each game. It will then send the encrypted key to the player along with an additional key that will give them the ability to verify the correctness of each game result at the end of each session.


This is in stark contrast to traditional casinos that will have random number generators that determine the outcomes of each game. Traditional casinos also do not allow players to verify the correctness of game results themselves, making it a one-sided experience.


The best anonymous casinos place a high priority on transparency with their users. The casinos ensure that the fairness of the games can be vetted by the players.


This becomes extremely important as many other casinos in the gambling industry do not operate with honesty and the provably fair method.


Any casinos that allow their players to play without any sort of provably fair algorithm are dubious and should not be trusted.


Anonymous Casino Bonuses: No Deposit Bonus

There are various kinds of bonuses that are offered depending on the anonymous casino that you choose, the first of which would be the no deposit bonus, this bonus differs from the welcome bonus as it does not require an initial deposit. This bonus is extremely beneficial for players as it gives them an opportunity to play casino games without risking any of their own real money. It will allow players to assess which games they enjoy most as well as learn the rules of each game, and the terms and conditions of each casino.


Casinos give these bonuses to new players as a reward for their patronage. It’s incredibly important for these casinos to give out these bonuses as there are many casinos out there fighting for market share and the ones that succeed are the ones with the best games and the best bonuses. The different no deposit bonuses include:


  • Free Spins, which can be used on slot games and machines.
  • Free Chips, which can be used for table and card games.
  • Risk-Free Bets, which is a bonus that acts as insurance on any bet that you place, ensuring you don’t lose any money.


The anonymous casino will award you the no deposit bonus anonymously, which contrasts traditional casinos that would require you to submit a lot of your personal information including a KYC check.


Most of these no deposit bonuses can be reloaded into your casino account without the need for a valid SMS code.

Anonymous Casino Bonuses: Welcome Bonus

The most common bonus that is offered among the vast majority of the best anonymous casinos is the welcome bonus. This bonus rewards you with either free cash that is deposited in your casino account or free spins that you can use to gamble with.


These welcome bonuses work in the same way they would with a traditional casino, with the main difference being that the bonus points are paid in Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies unless they are free spins.


It would require that you make an initial deposit, and the casino will generally match your initial deposit up to a certain percentage for a certain amount. However, there is a potentiality for stringent wagering requirements. It would behoove you to look out for these wagering requirements on your chosen anonymous casino’s website.


Some online casinos go beyond just the first welcome bonus. Some offer rewards on second and third deposits and some anonymous casinos will even offer promotional bonuses in addition to those including wagering contests and free spins.


VIP members in a casino VIP program will have even more special bonuses such as higher stakes games and in some cases even 5% cashback.


However Ts and Cs apply, so be sure to look out for those regarding the welcome bonus, free spins, and any other bonus you may be offered.

Anonymous Casino Free Spins

As we mentioned the online gambling industry has many casinos that are in competition with each other, and in order to gain a competitive edge over their competitors, many a casino will offer their patrons free spins so that they continue gambling with them.


Most commonly, you will be given a finite amount of free spins as a new member joining a casino, and this is done to thank you for your patronage. Typically these free spins are strictly created for new gamblers signing up with an anonymous casino. These free spin bonuses are especially popular among gamblers because 0% of your real money is at risk, and if you really enjoy slot games, that is a massive relief! The free spins are usually between 20 and 200, giving you several opportunities to win big but Ts and Cs apply.


A Bitcoin casino like OneHash for example offers 150 Bitcoin free spins upon signing up and making your first deposit.  Beyond OneHash another Bitcoin casino may reward you with free spins by completing daily tasks. Be mindful of any expiry dates on your free spins, as they will be forfeited if they are not used.


As always we will remind you to look out for any wagering requirement after a withdrawal of winnings from your free spins, as a responsible gambler it is only prudent to do so. Ts and Cs apply.

Anonymous Casino Deposits and Withdrawals

Depending on the speed of your crypto’s blockchain, crypto transactions may be instant or they could potentially take up to 24 hours and in very rare cases, sometimes more. This is amazing because, with traditional casinos, you could expect to wait much longer sometimes, significantly longer.


Generally, you could expect transactions to be processed within just a few hours, particularly if you are using Bitcoin and Litecoin however sometimes the anonymous Bitcoin casinos transactions can take up to 48 hours if you are using a Bitcoin exchange.


An added benefit that is sometimes forsaken, is that with anonymous casinos there are simply no daily limits. This is starkly contrasted by the traditional casinos which will impose a daily limit that is usually set by the regulatory authorities controlling the casinos. With an anonymous casino, you can withdraw as much money as you want and you can withdraw as many times as you want without any hassles or issues.


The best anonymous gambling casinos employ a 128 Bit SSL-encrypted system that obscures personal details and makes it virtually impossible for anyone to access your account.


Of course, no method is 100% foolproof but very rarely are accounts ever compromised especially with the technological advancements that are being made in cybersecurity every day.


Many of these casinos will also make use of an ironclad firewall for removing hackers from the host’s storage systems.


When wanting to process a withdrawal you should first read the terms and conditions of the casino you have been playing with a there may be certain withdrawal minimums.


When you are ready to withdraw you will need to withdraw your funds as crypto and not as fiat currency.


Once the crypto is in your wallet, then you will be able to convert it to fiat currency from there.


Anymous Casino Tips

Anonymous Casino Pros

Anonymous casinos prioritize safety and security, all transactions are secure and cannot be traced back to you.


You don’t need to do a KYC check as with other online casinos, you would only need to provide your hash number.


The casinos allow a small minimum withdrawal amount, unlike traditional casinos which have much higher minimum withdrawal amounts.


Deposits and withdrawals are processed incredibly quickly and you have an unlimited amount of transactions available to you.


Anonymous casinos are not geographically bound as they have no countries restricting their operations, so you can play with cryptos from anywhere in the world.


You can save time by not needing to constantly log in.


Transactions are mostly free with some casinos charging very low fees.


You get unlimited transactions.


Transactions are extremely quick in most cases.


The games are provably fair so rest assured, the results of each game can be verified.


Exciting casino bonuses and promotions are on offer.


Anonymous Casino Cons

The majority of anonymous casinos are not licensed.


The majority of the casinos require that you continue using the crypto you used to trade-in, and that means you cannot withdraw real money once you have deposited in crypto.


Many gaming titles are unavailable that would otherwise be available on other online casinos.


Limited support functionality.


Anonymous Casino Customer Support

Support for these casinos is a bit of a mixed bag. Depending on the anonymous that you select, there will be different options for contacting customer support.


The most common is e mail, however, e mail responses can take a while and that might be something that players do not have the patience for. Unfortunately, many of these casinos do not have 24/7 Live Chat, toll-free phones, or live lines.


This can potentially be very frustrating for casino players if an issue arises. Additionally, most anonymous casinos will not list a physical address that you could visit to be assisted in person.

Closing Thoughts

Anonymous casinos are one of the fastest-growing casino models in the world as more players want to play anonymously. It presents a multitude of benefits, including speedy transactions that are paired with highly prioritized privacy features.


It makes for an interesting alternative to the traditional gambling model. In addition to that, anonymous casinos do not have any withdrawal limits imposed on them by a regulatory body, allowing you to withdraw as much money as you want and withdraw as many times as you want on any given day.


The anonymous casinos are constantly scaling too, it was reported that several millions of dollars are spent on development and research projects.


This means you can rest assured that innovation and enhancement are top of mind for those consistently working on these anonymous casinos.


If you want to withdraw your winnings you should know that they present incredibly low transactional fees as compared to other casinos, adding to its list of amazing benefits that should please every gambler as it is relatively inexpensive to make deposits and withdrawals.


However, there are some significant negatives to gambling with these kinds of casinos as they are not licensed or regulated, and they are notoriously difficult with assistance in regards to support.


All of that notwithstanding you could still have an amazing experience gambling with these kinds of casinos however it is important that you should be wary of SSL certificates when you play with anonymous casinos as the SSL certificates will allow you to verify the identity of the owner of the website or SSL certificate that you are browsing. This is important as you will be able to tell the legitimate casinos apart from the fake ones.


When looking at the URL you should notice “HTTPS” which means there is a data encryption certificate, if there isn’t one that means that there is no certificate.


As a responsible gambler, it would behoove you to verify the level of security any anonymous casino provides


To better aid your security, you can make use of mixers and scramblers, which will consistently change your address making it next to impossible for hackers to access any of your data and information. Additionally, you can make use of a VPN to add an extra layer of security to your online gambling activities.


With all of that said, anonymous casinos are incredibly exciting and they can present significant benefits that wouldn’t be available to you if you played with a traditional casino.

Anonymous Casino FAQ’s

  • Are the casinos anonymous?

    All anonymous casinos that make use of crypto are anonymous and secure.

  • How safe are the anonymous casinos?

    The anonymous casinos work mostly without a license, but most of them are known to exercise very customer-centric policies. Before you play with any casino be sure to check out the reputation of the said casino.

  • Do I have to share my personal information?

    Very little will be asked of you, and the vast majority of anonymous casinos do not ask for your personal information.

  • Are there anonymous Bitcoin casinos?

    Absolutely, Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency, and as such, anonymous Bitcoin casinos were among the first anonymous casinos to be developed.

  • Which crypto can I use for anonymous casino gambling?

    Be sure to look at the various different anonymous online casinos and the type of cryptocurrency they accept. The most popular cryptos used by these casinos are Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, TRON, Monero, ZCash, Dogecoin, and more.

  • How quickly will support get back to me?

    Support is generally only via e mail and it often takes a while to hear back from them by e mail. Unfortunately, live chat, toll-free lines, and other methods are generally unsupported.

  • Can I increase my protection while playing online?

    Absolutely, a great way to add to your anonymity is by using a tried and trusted VPN. The VPN will hide your IP address, stopping packet sniffers (hackers) from finding out where you are playing from.

  • Is it legal to play anonymously in casinos?

    Generally speaking, Bitcoin and other crypto games are restricted by geographical location as Bitcoin and all the other cryptos do not belong to the government or the banks. It is neither allowed nor restricted.


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