Provably Fair Games: Everything you need to know about

What are provably fair games?

Provably fair is a term in which the user can prove that the operator did not cheat. The same applies to provably fair games and is used for crypto currency gambling and betting. The players can confirm the fairness of the game process, using an algorithm mechanism to do so. This concept is related to the rise of the bitcoin and other crypto gambling currencies. The algorithm uses the advantages of blockchain to make random actions, such as shuffling a deck of cards. One cannot “trick” the blockchain, because simply all the transactions are recorded on a ledger, and no human interference can occur. However, some people claim that when it comes to lottery drawing, the game should be made public.

What makes provably fair games possible?

The Blockchain. The blockchain that is programmed in the correct way leaves no opportunity for operators to cheat players, even if they wished to do so. The blockchain has transparency, so games built on it can be considered as provably fair. Organisers need to prove to players that the game cannot be cheated, and they do that using i.e. a source code, that is open to access, which provides verification tools for casino, lottery games etc.

Popularity of provably fair games

There is a high demand on these games, as they become more and more popular to players. Online gambling is definitely risky, with a lot of odds against you, so why stack them even more with hidden and unclear practices? If everything is done in secret, then how could players know if the operators are cheating? Imagine you win a game but never receive the winnings or the prizes and are not able to prove anything. These scenarios are not pleasant to players. A way to eliminate the possibility of the operator cheating is by moving to a provably fair game platform.

How can I know if a game is provably fair?

If the platform you are visiting or the system claim that the game is provably fair, there are a number of ways to find out if that is true. As mentioned before, in the case of lottery, they could publish a source code for the blockchain, thus for everyone to review. For example, when it comes to rolling dice or spinning a wheel, you are provided with encrypted hash server seed, before you even start playing. Once you unhash the server seed, you can calculate your results. Of course, there are other ways to check if the game is provably fair. It is up to you though, to determine if you wish to trust the operator with your money. Always stay on the lookout for suspicious movements and should be ok!

The provably fair algorithm

As mentioned above, provably fair describes an algorithm that verifies the fairness of the game. The player can use the algorithm to test the game’s response to their decisions, and evaluate the outcome by using hashes, seeds etc. Cheating in this case is impossible. Protocols used for the algorithms are blockchain agnostic, and offer standard validation. To summarise, you should always remember three steps about provably fair algorithms; when you begin playing you get a token or a seed that is kept hidden, the machine uses algorithms to generate outcomes that are random, based on the seed or token and the end of the game you can use that seed to verify if the game you had just played was indeed “fair” or not.

Provably Fair Casino VS Regular Casino

Provably fair:

  • They use the provably fair algorithm.
  • No need to be acknowledged by authorities, as blockchain and algorithms are on a public ledger.
  • They feature elements found on regular casinos.


  • They use random number generators for outcomes.
  • They do not allow players to verify the fairness of the game.
  • Can only be trusted when using third parties that review them for legitimacy.

How can I know if I’ve been cheated or not?

When playing a game, you can not verify the server seeds. That is done at the end of your session, when the players have left the table and the bets are all over. So, if you want to know if you’ve been cheated or not you first have to make sure the hashed server seed that you own is the hash of the unhashed server seed. If you find out that that is not the case and you have a random hash, then chances are there were fake outcomes and the game has been cheated. On the other hand, you could generate every roll result on your own and compare the results to those you have while playing. You can use tools to do so and check if the seeds you have match. If they do, then you are ok! If not, then you have been cheated.

Bonuses and promotions offered at provably fair sites

Not every “provably fair” gambling site offers bonuses and promotions, while a lot of them do. You can find loyalty bonuses, daily rewards, cashback bonuses and kinds of provably fair games promotions. You should dig around find the sites that actually provide you with the offers you want, and always check the Terms and Conditions before playing.

Can provably fair gaming be applied to fiat gaming?

Fiat gambling cannot offer the same guarantee that provably fair gambling has. There is not system that cannot be altered or manipulated in some way. Unlike blockchain, where no human interaction is recorded, fiat gaming is filled with loopholes for human manipulation, and there are also many steps for each transaction, in which errors can be made, as well.


Provably fair gambling came about through Bitcoin’s blockchain and has provided gamblers with a game that is 100% secure and transparent. BUT, you should always do your research and look into the background of provably fair games, because even if something if stated as “provably fair”, it does not mean you are completely covered. Better safe than sorry!

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