Nvidia restores Ethereum mining restriction to RTX 3060

Nvidia is once again trying to limit the use of the RTX 3060 for Ethereum mining by restoring a hash performance limit with a newer update to the graphics card. If this sounds familiar to you, it’s because the company tried to do something similar in February, with the release of new drivers that were intended to reduce performance by 50%.


As Nvidia’s Matt Wuebbling put it at the time, “GeForce cards are designed for gamers, and they demand better availability.” At the same time, the company then announced a new product, the Nvidia CMP (Cryptocurrency Mining Processor), which is a GPU specifically designed for cryptocurrency mining.


Of course, that did not last long, as Nvidia accidentally unlocked the performance limit through the beta version of the driver in March, undoing everything it had tried to do a few weeks earlier. The company made the announcement, claiming that it was their fault, with the beta driver finding its way to the internet within a few hours and RTX 3060 owners being able to download it and bypass the performance lock that had been set.


The new GeForce 466.27 drivers, however, are expected to restore the original limit, with the company noting that the current version will be required by the RTX 3060 to operate, while it is possible to set performance limits on other cards.


Nvidia is working on a revamped LHR (Lite Hash Rate) GPUs based on other RTX 3000 series models for miners to focus on these cards and not those intended for gamers. The only exception seems to be the RTX 3090 as its price does not make it attractive for mining.