Nvidia’s plan to extend the Ethereum cryptocurrency mining cutter to more RTX 3000 graphic cards has a limit – the cutter will not reach Nvidia’s Founders Edition GPUs.


The company also said it would depend on graphics card vendors on how to go about using the Ethereum mining “cutter”. Thus, its availability can be released slowly, assuming that you can still find to buy a card.


Nvidia aims to start shipping the first RTX 3060 Ti, 3070 and 3080 cards with the Ethereum mining “cutter” later this month. Boxes and online listings for these products will be labelled “Lite Hash Rate” or LHR to indicate that their mining capabilities are limited.


However, PCGamer states that Nvidia will not bring its “cutter” to the Founders Edition cards, which restock Best Buy shelves every two weeks.


“The Founders Edition is a limited-edition graphics card sold at the manufacturer’s suggested retail price and at this point we have no plans to build versions with the LHR,” Nvidia said in an email. How long Nvidia intends to continue making these cards was not mentioned.


Regarding whether Nvidia partners will automatically integrate the “cutter”, the company added: “It will be a transition. However, each AIC partner is responsible for how the transition within their graphics card series works. ”


Nvidia also spoke out because it decided to set Ethereum’s mining capability at 50% on existing RTX 3000 cards instead of eliminating it altogether.


Apparently, the days of Ethereum cryptocurrency mining are declining day by day. The institution behind the cryptocurrency plans to phase out the need for intensive use of GPUs for its mining in the coming months.


The upcoming change raises everyone’s hopes that this will make it easier to buy an RTX graphics card. However, one does not rule out the possibility that the mining community may continue to buy GPUs to mine a different virtual currency.