A new hashtag has appeared on Twitter in recent days by Bitcoin “friends”, who have set a goal of reaching the price of the crypto currency at $100,000 even for one day.


This is #lasereyes which has already gone viral, with Bitcoin “big players” – like Elon Musk – already having likes. In fact, the founder of Tesla tweeted: “Only for one day“.


Bitcoin is again above $50,000 on Wednesday, with an increase of close to 5%, while it instantly exceeded even $51,000.


The rise in the price of the digital currency comes after the decision of the financial products company Square to proceed with the purchase of bitcoins worth $170 million.


It is noted that the rise in the price of Bitcoin has a positive effect on other digital currencies, with ether and XRP recording earlier growth of 11% and 7% respectively.


Bitcoin gains follow the fluctuations recorded in recent days by the crypto currency, which was temporarily below $50,000 on Tuesday.