On April 9th, the Delaware-based company and sponsor and issuer of the Kryptoin Bitcoin ETF Trust submitted to the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) an S1 Amendment to the Bitcoin Trading Capital (bitcoin ETF). It is essentially a re-submission of a previous application for approval, with the difference that the company instead of utilising the NYSE the company plans to use the Cboe BZX, hoping to gain the coveted approval from the committee.


This move comes to add Kryptoin to the list of companies waiting for the approval of proposals for their own ETFs. The list now includes the following: Valkyrie, Vaneck, Fidelity, NYDIG, Wisdomtree, First Trust & Skybridge, and of course, Kryptoin.


The content of Kryptoin’s new application is no different from the one it had filed in 2019, except for the stock exchange in which it was selected to trade the capital. While in the first application the NYSE Arca was named as a trading stock exchange, in the application submitted on Friday it is named the Cboe BZX. The company thus drafted the content of the Vaneck and Wisdomtree applications, awaiting its scrutiny. Kryptoin’s product is called the “Kryptoin Bitcoin ETF Trust”, and the company intends to release it immediately after its expected approval, when and if it arrives.


The preliminary newsletter, which is being completed, states that “the aim is to provide exposure to bitcoin at a price that reflects the actual bitcoin market, where investors can buy and sell bitcoin, less the cost of capital management”. Kryptoin adds that it will use a reference rate to determine the value of the shares.


At the same time, the application submitted states the following:


“In pursuit of its investment objective, the Trust will hold the bitcoins and, in seeking to ensure that the Trust’s share price reflects the actual bitcoin market, the Trust will value its shares on a daily basis, as determined by the CF Bitcoin settlement price. US. “


There are already two bitcoin-based ETFs in Canada, and a few weeks ago in South America, the first bitcoin ETFs were also approved in Brazil. No bitcoin ETFs have been allowed in the US yet, as the SEC is constantly issuing rejection decisions and many companies have withdrawn their preliminary applications.


Kryptoin ETF is led by Jason Toussaint, a trader with extensive experience in Forex Trading Funds (ETFs). Toussaint was the CEO of World Gold Trust Services, a sponsor of the SPDR Gold Shares ETF (GLD). Kryptoin CEO Toussaint has also worked with ETFs and other investment products at Morgan Stanley, Northern Trust Asset Management and JP Morgan Asset Management.