The interest of traders has been concentrating in recent days on the Dogecoin cryptocurrency, which breaks one record after another, reaching the point where it is now the fourth largest cryptocurrency in the world, with its value at the time of writing these lines exceeding $50 billion (Making it bigger than the capitalisation of Ford).


In particular, Dogecoin rose by 200% last week, while since the beginning of the year it has recorded an unprecedented rally of 8.000% – powered by the tweets of the founder of Tesla Elon Musk.


In this regard, it is worth noting that, after the open support of the founder of Tesla, supporters of this cryptocurrency increased by more than 16.000% just one day later, with more than 55.000 Twitter users participating, according to data from the online social analysis platform Cyabra.


April 20th has been designated as Doge Day, with the cryptocurrency reaching $0.41 cents.


It is pointed out that the online platform Robinhood encountered problems due to unprecedented demand, as a result of which many investors were able to participate in the rally.