DOGE continues to break one record after another, and caused excitement after the new amazing rise in its price.


DOGE, which until April 10th was in relatively steady price and was trading at $0.06, suddenly had an explosion and in a short time it price was shot up to $0.3. The last price happened in just one day and the growth was more than 100%!


Dogecoin has surpassed giant companies with decades of history behind them. DOGE is currently among the 400 largest companies in terms of capitalisation, ahead of well-known names such as Motorola Solutions, Komatsu, and Delta Airlines.


We’ve seen it get a big boost from celebrities like Dallas Maverick, owner Mark Cuban who has activated DOGE payouts for his team’s match tickets, as well as souvenirs, while not failing to let us know he’s never going to sell a coin of what he collects.


Of course, it received a tremendous boost from Elon Musk, founder of Tesla. Some time ago, he announced that he had bought some DOGEs for his son, while he had previously asked the big dogecoin holders to “get rid” of them.