Following the launch of dogecoin (DOGE) trading on eToro, the currency has reached a new all-time high and is enjoying increasing support from well-known companies.


Dogecoin continues to attract a lot of interest as one can buy MLB tickets with it. The cryptocurrency has received the undivided support of many celebrities in the recent past. After Elon Musk who has expressed his support many times, many others have sunk into the DOGE frenzy, such as Snoop Dogg, Mark Cuban and his team in the NBA, among others.


Many companies now accept it as a means of payment, which according to Cuban will strengthen its adoption as a regular currency. It also receives additional support by accepting payments from the Oakland Athletics baseball team.


Its supporters can buy tickets by giving 100 DOGE from the 3rd to the 6th of May.


The coin, which was reported in tweets by Snickers and Mars, is now being cited by another major US snack company, Slim Jim. The company published yesterday the ‘mysterious’ tweet “reject society, become Doge” – “reject society, become doge”.


With DOGE growing in popularity, Israeli trading platform eToro has boosted its dogecoin exposure to more than 20 million users, and plans to list its stock soon, citing strong demand from its customers.


The rise of dogecoin started at the beginning of the year, when its trading price was at $0.005!  Since the middle of last month, dogecoin has been ranked next to the 10 cryptocurrencies with the largest capitalisation. Now the dog coin marks an increase from the beginning of the year that exceeds 10.000% and occupies the fifth position in terms of capitalisation compared to other cryptocurrencies, a capitalisation that exceeds $62 billion.