The Chinese cryptocurrency Chia is attracting the interest of investors, an element that is estimated to be seen in the demand for hardware. Chia is a creation of BitTorrent creator, Bram Cohen.


The creators of Chia claim that this cryptocurrency is distinguished for its security, transparency and decentralised character, so that it can attract all aspiring miners. Mining cryptocurrencies, however, also require the purchase of appropriate hardware equipment. Chia does not require strong graphics cards to extract, but enough unused hard disk or SSD storage.


Many are quick to warn that the rise of a cryptocurrency could create market shortages for products such as SSDs or HDDs. It is still too early to predict the course of Chia, but those interested in the blockchain economy are eagerly awaiting the start of its trading, which will take place in early May of 2021.


However, in the Chinese market, there is already an upward trend in the prices of hard drives, in view of the expected rise in interest in the new cryptocurrency.