CEO of Thodex disappears along with $2 billion of cryptocurrencies

Fatih Faruk Özer, CEO of the Thodex cryptocurrency exchange left the country with $2 billion of his clients’ funds. Authorities are investigating the allegations.


About 400.000 users of the exchange no longer have any access to their accounts so they cannot even recover their funds. The exchange services have been out of order for several days, while there is information that Fatih Faruk Ozer has already left Turkey.


However, at the moment, only a long reassuring message appears on the Thodex website stating, among other things, that the operation of the Thodex platform has been temporarily suspended, while the departure of Fatih Faruk Özer, which is said to have taken place on April 19th, is presented as a trip, necessary for its contact with foreign investors.


The users of the exchange, of course, are not reassured by such announcements as long as they do not have access to their money and the days go by.


Several users have already taken legal action, with Oguz Evren Kilic, representing an as yet unknown number of the exchange’s customers, confirming that “a lawsuit was filed on Wednesday”.


According to information, the case was taken over by a prosecutor in Constantinople, who has already started an investigation.


According to other information, the founder and CEO of Thodex’s left for Thailand, taking with him about 2 billion dollars.


It should be noted that the Turkish authorities have taken measures against the use of cryptocurrencies as a means of payment for the purchase of goods, with the date of entry into force of the measure on April 30th.

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