CEO of Celsius for Bitcoin: “The price will rise to $160.000”

The $160.000 price can be “seen” in the horizon, for Bitcoin, by the CEO and co-founder of the Celsius electronic trading platform, Alex Mashinsky.


According to him, in 2021 bitcoin “has not yet shown the new peaks“, while after the correction of the previous days, its price will continue to increase.


“When an asset grows very high and very fast, a correction is inevitable. See my posts in March and February 2021. Then I wrote that the market will collapse. I predicted a shock drop for Bitcoin to $30.000. We compress Bitcoin and exchange it for leverage. “People are very greedy” said the CEO of Celsius.


As for Elon Musk, Mashinksiy said his tweets did not help the cryptocurrency market grow. “It’s just manipulating the market,” he said. “Yes, you may buy a car a little cheaper, but bitcoin will always increase, and this transaction will ultimately benefit Elon, not you.”


Celsius Network is a large company in the cryptocurrency market. In the fall of last year, the volume of assets under management exceeded $2.2 billion.