The popular “European” cryptocurrency exchange, Bitstamp, announced that it will expand its activities in the US, after a dramatic increase in the number of its customers in the country, in the first four months of this year.


We are talking about an impressive increase in the number of its users living in the USA, which reached 570%!


Also, the volume of transactions in the same area increased on a monthly basis by 348%.


In addition, the managed data of its customers residing in the US, increased by 281% while there was an increase in the use of its mobile application in the US by 325%.


The managed data of its customers residing in the USA, constitute 11% of the total data managed by the company.


Based on this data, Bitstamp will invest more capital in the US, boosting support staff by 50% to reduce call centre waiting time, which is currently 22 seconds.


Bitstamp CEO Julian Sawyer said his company aspires to become a leader in the cryptocurrency industry in the United States, which also shows its public preference for competitors.


“The triple-digit increase we saw in the US in 2021 shows us that US customers prefer an exchange with our own characteristics.”


Julian Sawyer explains the prospect of expanding into the US market: “Cryptocurrencies are the fastest growing financial services industry and we want to be a leader in the most competitive financial market in the world: the US”


Of course, things will not be so easy for Bitstamp, as it has to compete with tough opponents such as Coinbase, Gemini, and Kraken.


Coinbase is the leader in the field, and recently began trading its stake in the Nasdaq, with Kraken and Gemini preparing to follow in its footsteps.