Amazon Web Services now supports Ethereum

Businesses interested in leveraging Ethereum through Amazon Web Services now have this capability, as Amazon announced that Ethereum is now supported by Amazon Managed Blockchain.


Amazon Managed Blockchain, which debuted in 2018, is a fully manageable service that enables users of Amazon’s cloud computing platform to set up and manage a customisable blockchain network in a very simple way. The service also eliminates the extra costs required to create a blockchain network, while having the ability to automatically adapt to meet the requirements of thousands of applications that perform millions of transactions.


For those unfamiliar with Ethereum, this is a popular, decentralised blockchain framework that creates a peer-to-peer (P2P) network, allowing participants to trade without a central authority. It is therefore offered for various popular uses, including Decentralised Finance (DeFi), a network of financial applications based on blockchain networks.


As different organisations build applications based on Ethereum, they often find that operating and managing these infrastructures is a complex and time-consuming process, with the central issue being data reliability due to out-of-date nodes, the challenges posed by data scaling, and Ethereum software upgrades.


Through the new features provided by AWS, its users can now easily support local Ethereum nodes in a matter of minutes and connect to the public, central Ethereum network to test networks such as Rinkeby and Ropsten.


Amazon Managed Blockchain provides its customers with secure networking, encryption at all stages of data management, secure network access via the open source Ethereum API, fast and reliable Ethereum blockchain synchronisation, and robust, flexible data storage services. The blockchain service provided by the Amazon tech giant also monitors the health of local nodes, replaces bug fixes, and automates the Ethereum software upgrade process to improve the availability of Ethereum-based user infrastructure.


In addition to decentralised applications, users who create transaction monitoring tools and malware can also take advantage of this customisable and fully managed service through Amazon Managed Blockchain.


Ethereum through Amazon Managed Blockchain is already available in the following areas where Amazon Web Services is provided: Eastern USA (North Virginia), East Asia (Singapore, Tokyo, Seoul) and Europe (Ireland, London).