We have all heard about cryptocurrencies and especially about the two biggest ones, Bitcoin and Ethereum. These flagships, whose market now reaches 1 trillion in the case of Bitcoin, do not attract buyers as much. Why; Their high price and perhaps the answer to the question “how high will they go up” are what stop new investors.


However, if you are a beginner it would be good to start with the big projects, which do not have such big fluctuations. In addition, the risk is definitely lower. In this article we at bestcryptogamblingsites.com have gathered all the information you need to know and whether it is worth investing in small capitalisation cryptocurrencies and which ones.


What are small capitalisation cryptocurrencies?

Essentially, small capitalisation cryptocurrencies are those whose market cap is relatively small. For example, in Bitcoin its market cap reaches $1 trillion, while Ethereum reaches $200 billion. So, we understand that this may be a factor that prevents new investors from investing in these currencies.


Small capitalised cryptocurrencies can have a market for example of $50-$100 million or more. This theoretically means that there is still a “future”. That is, their price may rise even more if their market cap increases. Unfortunately, this does not always happen. Most of the time we just take a big risk, since in this market cap, there are tremendous fluctuations.


  • Aave (AAVE)

The prospects of a cryptocurrency usually depend on how valuable the project is and what applications it has. The AAVE cryptocurrency is one worth mentioning. An important application of this is that if the AAVE protocol deems that we can borrow, then this credibility can be transferred to another person. In addition, it is worth mentioning that the financial authorities of the United Kingdom gave it a bank license, which shows us how important a project it is. Its price is currently at $368.


  • Uniswap (UNI)

It is the cryptocurrency of a widely decentralised exchange that has gained the credibility of many investors. Uniswap has now risen in the category of defi projects and deserves our attention. It is therefore one of the most important and largest exchanges running on the Ethereum platform. Its price is currently at $27-$30.


  • Graph (GRT)

GRT is a cryptocurrency based on a well-designed project. It has won dozens of investors and now its market is approaching $1 billion. Its project essentially functions as a search engine for smart contacts that exist in the blockchain. In short, it is worth taking a look since it has a real application in the world of cryptocurrencies. Its price is currently at $1.75.


  • Enjin Coin (ENJ)

Enjin coin is the leader in the field of NFTs. First let’s just explain what NFTs are. They are digital files that are in specific markets and are unique and authentic. This means that whoever has the rights is the one who can resell it and has the original work. This can be from artwork, to gifs or videos sold on the market with cryptocurrencies.


Enjin coin is active in the field of gaming and in the last month has gained a large percentage of investor interest. Now its price is at $2.2-$2.6, but there is definitely a lot of future in the NFTs industry.