It is true that most online casinos are legal. But unfortunately, there are some, which with the various scams they do, can ruin the reputation and credibility of the rest of the “reliable and secure” online casinos.


We have seen scams in online casino, many times. And because we have experience in them, we will share with you some tricks from scams that online casinos do.


There are some very bad “professionals” out there who, with illegal software, operate casinos without a license. Online casino scams target many countries and in different ways, with the main goal being “to steal the money you have won”.


So, what are the worst online scams in online casinos?

Stealing your deposits

This is clearly the most common online scam of online casinos. In fact, most online casinos do this type of scam and they have different ways of doing it.


When we say deposit theft, we mean that the casino in various ways, entices you to make the initial deposit in it, and then, it makes your life difficult. It is almost impossible to get your money back. You can register at the online casino, make the deposit and it will automatically close or freeze your account. Then if you try to contact customer support, it will automatically ignore you.


And if your deposit is small, then yes you will be disappointed, but you will not deal it with no more, because it is not worth “chasing” them for a deposit of $20 or $50.


Set up games

Usually, these online casino scams are quite simple. They play games that allow you to win for a while. But in the end, they take you down to the last cent.


Even with good and popular software, they can get all your money. There are companies that make casino software that is “teased”, and they create well-known games. Many of you, for sure, will have played such online games regularly.


In the internet system industry, really good and reliable casinos never work with such software companies. And they usually avoid them because an online casino is considered reliable and respected, when it is licensed by a state regulatory authority, but also with its reputation.



Suppose you finally managed to find a reliable and secure online casino and finally deposit the money and download the software to your computer. Then a message like this appears:


Your device has been locked by Rusnzw5738. All your files now belong to us. To recover your device, send 1 Bitcoin to the following address within 24 hours, otherwise all your files will be corrupted”.


You may think for a moment that this is just a joke and by shutting down your computer, everything will be over. Unfortunately, things are not so simple.


Ransomware is essentially a bug or a malware, which appeared in 2017 on Windows computers worldwide. It basically destroys your operating system. This has been done in many organisations, even the National Health Service of England. Fortunately, these attacks on online casinos are not large-scale, but they are serious and can require large sums of money.


The casino refusing to pay you your winnings

Basically, if at some point you win a Jackpot or a big bet and try to withdraw it, the casino will refuse to grant your wish. They usually do this by not answering your emails and calls or by contacting you to let you know that a hidden term on page 35 for example, of the terms of use, gives them the right not to pay you.


Knowledge is power. Make a research before participating in any online casinos, and try to avoid payments via credit/debit cards. Online crypto casinos are safer, more secure, licensed, and can be fully trusted.