For the last 10 years we have been living steadily upwards in the constellation of cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin is undoubtedly the dominant player in this market that is still unknown to the general public.


The rise of close to $60.000 at the beginning of the year caused delirium in those who had even a cryptocurrency at their disposal and attracted the hitherto reluctant small investors in this stock market.


In fact, the predictions that Bitcoin may exceed $100.000 in 1-2 years, create a frenzy in those who have been involved in mining for years. Although in this rise there were many who wanted to cash in, it was we would say considerably many who believe in the even greater rise of Bitcoin.


Bitcoin currently has more than $1 trillion in the market pool, which means that all the bitcoins in the digital world cost that much. But it is not the only market player. It is definitely the biggest and the one that would be in the spotlight for the next 20 years at least.


However, in the current decade, there are cryptocurrencies that forecasts say that they will many times exceed their current value against the dollar and from the <40 billion dollars they hold in the market pool, they can exceed 200 and 300 billion. One is already close to doing so and by 2030 it may reach the current total value of Bitcoin.



It is the second largest player in the market, its blockchain is characterised as much more active and fast compared to Bitcoin and its market cap exceeds $200 billion. Realistic estimates suggest that the value of an Ether will skyrocket to $55.000-60.000 by 2031, but there is also the most optimistic outlook that wants to leave Bitcoin behind. Today, Ether equals about $1.800. Until Ethereum skyrockets, you can also use the currency for Ethereum Gambling. Select your Ethereum Casino and have a blast!

Bitcoin Cash

According to analysts, its network is much faster than Bitcoin and although it is 12th on the list of cryptocurrencies with just $10 billion market cap and a price of $535 – in the past it had reached $4.300 – estimates for its future are super optimistic about the growth rate. Statistical models, however, say that it will stabilise somewhere around 6 thousand dollars, in order to get a bigger boost for the 2030-2040 decade, at the end of which it can go up to $40.000 each.

Binance Coin

Binance Coin has come a long way as it was “born” much later than the strong competition, but today it has costs around $260 and is third on the list with a total market cap of over $41 billion. With its blockchain operating system and especially with the BNB token that facilitates transactions within its system, it attracted many miners. The most modest forecast for 2030 says it will be based on $3.000, but it can also go up to $5000.


When this world of cryptocurrencies began to grow, Litecoin was the buzzword next to Bitcoin, commonly the second most well-known brand on the market, even though its network trading time is 2.5 minutes compared to 10 minutes in Bitcoin.


Today, Litecoin is at valued at $197, having taken a downtrend after a rally a few weeks ago and is back on the uptrend in recent days. Its future in the finale of this decade is not as impressive as that of other cryptocurrencies, but it is one of the most certain cryptocurrencies in terms of whether they will exist until then and will not be covered by others.


Its upper price in 2030 will hardly exceed $1.500, but considering that there are now about 23 million Litecoins available, you realise what that price would mean for someone with a wallet of 30-40 and above. That’s why based on the price of one it may not even be in the top-5, but based on the overall market cap it can become the third in value. Don’t forget that you can also use the currency for Litecoin Gambling. Find your favourite Litecoin Casino and join the play!


The data on one of Ripple’s cryptocurrencies may not be as fancy as Ether’s or Bitcoin’s, but you certainly are not negligible. Its current figure is just over half a dollar, but that will change dramatically by 2030 according to the most auspicious estimates. XRP is in a very stable blockchain and the only reason it has not caught higher prices is because it is not just in its “galaxy” and this keeps its price in the cryptocurrency market low. That humility may be declining, with the price of an XRP reaching as high as $1.000 and its market cap skyrocketing from $26 billion to $150 billion by 2030.