What is Bitcoin dice?

What is Bitcoin dice?

Bitcoin Dice is a provably fair game that runs on a cryptographic algorithm. In 2012, a new casino game called Satoshi Dice, a spin of a board game called Baccarat, was introduced with a focus on crypto gaming. Players can bet on an under or over for the game, and set their own multiplier for the bet. The house edge may vary, but for most crypto casinos like TrustDice, it operates at only 1% which gives the players a good chance of winning. This is a game that can be mathematically verified. There are different strategies for playing craps, but the game is usually played by rolling a number between 1 and 100 and placing your bet on the result. If you are big on money-making gaming then this is the perfect thing to do, this means that you can earn while fulfilling your gaming needs.


Every roll of the dice carries a risk — especially when they’re Bitcoin dice.


As the dice tumble, it’s impossible to know which numbers will turn up. But, you can always protect your bankroll by using proven Bitcoin dice or crypto dice strategies for you to earn free bitcoin while enjoying your dice games.


With the right strategy, you don’t need to win every roll to walk away with more Bitcoin than you started with. Minimizing risk with a strategy is like keeping your gloves up during a boxing match — you’re ready for anything.


However, unlike a boxing match, you can be sure the game isn’t fixed since Bitcoin dice is provably fair owing to its transparent blockchain architecture.


There is a number of bitcoin dice sites, with these dice sites you can easily earn cash and also be guaranteed your safety and that the game is 100% provably fair. The best thing of all is, that it’s free, this means that you can earn free bitcoin while you play bitcoin dice. The best thing is you can earn free bitcoin by playing bitcoin dice games or crypto dice games.

screenshot of bitcoin dice game on wolf.bet

When placing your bets in casinos, did you ever experience the feeling of not being completely sure whether you could trust the casino?


You’re not alone. When you gamble with fiat currencies such as USD, EUR, and GBP, the casino makes all of the rules but doesn’t provide any transparency to show they follow them too.


Bitcoin dice, on the other hand, is both simple to understand and easy to trust because you can audit each dice roll yourself.


In Bitcoin dice, you place a bet between the numbers 1 and 100. What’s at stake in your bet is whether the dice will roll over or under your position.


Sounds easy, doesn’t it? Well, it is — and it isn’t.


While the rules are simple, the odds of winning change dramatically depending on where you stake your bet.


The odds of victory are higher if you stake a position closer to the number 50, but the winnings are smaller. Conversely, betting on a long odds position such as the number 5 makes it harder to win, but you’ll rake in the Bitcoin when you do.


So, how do you make the right bet? That’s where an effective Bitcoin dice strategy comes into play.


We will explain all of the best strategies and sites below.


Bitcoin Dice sites.

Best Bitcoin Dice Sites

Here is a list of the top five best bitcoin dice gaming sites. These are our top five bitcoin casino site that offers bitcoin dice , with these, you will be assured of your safety and fair play because they are always provably fair.

  • OneHAsh: (https://blokt.com/out/onehash-dice)
  • TrustDice: ( https://bitcoinplay.net/trustdice/out )
  • PrimeDice: ( https://bitcoinplay.net/primedice-dice/out )
  • BitDice : (https://blokt.com/out/trustdice-dice)
  • DuckDice: (https://duckdice.io)


OneHash is a Bitcoin dice, casino, slots, and sportsbook casino based in Curaçao. Its Bitcoin dice game is one of the most popular in the industry, and it’s also one of the easiest to use.


OneHash is open to all players that are legally allowed to gamble online in their jurisdiction.


OneHash’s Bitcoin dice is an easy-to-play game, with a well-laid-out interface and plenty of customization for your wagers. Like other Bitcoin dice games we’ve reviewed, there’s a simple slider to change the odds, and auto roll features to set up games.


Each game contains ‘seed settings,’ where players can view the SHA256 hash of the game’s server seed to verify that the game is provably fair. Users can also change the seed to one of their choosing if they want more control over their game.


Overall, OneHash’s Bitcoin dice has most of the same features as other sites, but its interface is a little cleaner and easier to navigate.



TrustDice is primarily a Bitcoin dice provider, but they also have a range of traditional crypto casino games, like Blackjack, Baccarat, and Roulette.


Established in 2018, TrustDice is licensed in Curaçao, and run by Satoshi Gaming Group. The site has almost 200,000 players worldwide, with 62 million total bets placed and nearly $185,000 paid out in prizes.


TrustDice supports players from most jurisdictions but excludes those from the USA, France, and the Netherlands.



Established in 2013, Primedice is one of the most popular Bitcoin dice venues where users can stake their Bitcoin bets. Primedice is owned and operated by Slice Media, the same company as popular crypto casino Stake.com – one of our top 10 best bitcoin casinos for 2021.


With provably fair dice games, one of the lowest house edges in the industry of just 1%, and instant bitcoin deposits and withdrawals, Primedice is an incredibly easy-to-use Bitcoin dice website.



Established in 2014, BitDice is a long-running Bitcoin Dice website that’s remained popular among crypto enthusiasts for many years.


Licensed in Curaçao, BitDice offers other games for crypto gambling, too, including blackjack and slots. BitDice is best known for its exciting leveling system, generous rake backs, and it’s loyalty token.



A growing Bitcoin dice website, DuckDIce.io is a well-designed site licensed in Curaçao. As a Crypto Gambling Foundation member, DuckDice provides provably fair dice games in a range of cryptocurrencies.


The site has implemented plenty of exciting features that have contributed to its popularity, and these have assisted in setting DuckDice apart from other Bitcoin dice operators in recent years. There’s a couple of different games on DuckDice, including their main Dice feature, and also somlottery games.


Signing up to DuckDice.io is one of the most effortless experiences in crypto gambling – you simply click ‘sign-up,’ and DuckDice generates a username for you. There’s no need to enter an email address, and you can get started straight away.


Users from the United States, the Netherlands, Russia, France, and Ukraine are not currently allowed to play on DuckDice.io.

How do I play Bitcoin dice?

It’s really simple and easy, all you need to do is register at any reputable crypto casino or bitcoin casino like TrustDice, Simpledice, or Trustdice, where it takes a few seconds to make an account. Once you have successfully registered, make a deposit with your desired cryptocurrency. Alternatively, you can also claim free coins from the faucet if the casino allows it. Bitcoin Dice is a provably fair game. Now that you have some coins in your wallet either by deposit or faucet, you can now play the game. Below is a screenshot that explains everything about the Dice Game. Here is an example of how the gameplay of any bitcoin dice game looks like:


There are two main modes while playing

  • Manuel
  • Automated

1- Under/Over: You can click on the “reverse” sign at the right side of the box to select under or over. To adjust the number, you can use the bar where it says “50” in the screenshot.


2- Bet Amount: You can enter how much you want to wager for the next bet.


3- Quick options: You can use these buttons to adjust your bet quickly. The “½” will reduce your bet to half. The “2x” option will double your bet. You can also use the “Min” and “Max” options to set the bet amount to a minimum and maximum, respectively.

4- Roll: Once you have entered the bet amount, set your multiplier, and decided whether you want to bet over or under, you can press the “Roll” button to generate the result.


5- Jackpot: Not all crypto casinos have this option but reputed and known casinos will usually have a jackpot. You just need to click on the jackpot and read the rules, as every casino may have different rules for the jackpot.


6- Fairness: You can change your “Client” and “Server” seeds using this option. You can scroll down below to understand how the provably fair system actually works.


7- Settings: There are mainly 4 tools under Settings as follows:

  •   Animation: You can enable or disable animations for faster rolls.
  • Sound: Just like the animations, you can control the sound of the game.
  • Hotkeys: If you want to make bets quickly using the keyboard, this option comes in handy. Please check the keys for each casino. Below are the hotkeys for TrustDice.

Q ➔ Toggle condition to win

A ➔ Double bet amount

S ➔ Half bet amount

W ➔ Decrease prediction by 1

E ➔ Increase prediction by 1

D ➔ Set the minimum bet amount

SPACE ➔ Roll dice


Max Bet: To avoid pressing the “Max” button under Bet Amounts, you can simply disable the Max Bet option using this option. Once you disable it, the Max Bet button will become unclickable under the Bet Amounts tab.


8- Stats: Here can see how many rolls you have made and how much luck you have had in the current session. You can also see the number of wins and losses and may reset the stats whenever you wish.

What is a Bitcoin Dice Faucet?

Here we will be looking at ‘Bitcoin Dice Faucets,’ but what are they, and why do Bitcoin dice players love them so much? Below we will explain exactly what a bitcoin faucet is.

Bitcoin dice faucet

Certain Bitcoin Dice websites will give players a tiny amount of BTC, like a faucet would leak a little water, to try out Bitcoin dice games without risking their funds. Some Bitcoin dice faucets offer substantially more Bitcoin than others, or they dispense at more regular intervals – so some players like to maximize their free BTC through Bitcoin dice faucets!


This free BTC or other cryptocurrencies can either be saved up or used to bet on Bitcoin dice games to try and gamble up your crypto holdings.


In the article below, we’re going to look at some of the best Bitcoin dice faucets so that you can make the most of your dice experience. Keep in mind that all this is extremely secure and provably fair.

Not all bitcoin dice faucets are the same

What a Bitcoin faucet does is reward users with small amounts of bitcoins. Yes, these are just small amounts, so don’t expect to get huge sums of free BTC from any bitcoin faucet. But no matter how little they are, these sums of free bitcoins are all worth it since you can get them simply by completing an easy task or a captcha. As a matter of fact, some sites won’t even require you to get something done before you receive the free BTC; the moment you load their dice game, the bitcoin faucet instantly puts an amount of Bitcoin to your player balance.


Furthermore, the amount varies from site to site. For instance, while some of the best Bitcoin dice sites like Primedice or LuckyDice offer free 0.000001 BTC, others give off 0.0000025 BTC such as DickDice These are small sums, indeed, but they should be enough for you to have something to start the dice game with.


Also, the frequency at which visitors and players can claim from a Bitcoin dice faucet depends on the site. The intervals can range from a few seconds to a few minutes. For example, as PocketDice dispenses free bitcoins per claim every 10 minutes, 999DIce has a bitcoin faucet active every 2.5 minutes.


On the other hand, you will find some sites which set a maximum number of bitcoin faucet used daily. When you visit one of these, you will notice that the game doesn’t give regard to how often you can claim free BTC, but rather to how many times you are allowed to use the faucet per day. The thing that makes this so extremely fun and safe is that while you can earn big winnings you are also promised of your safety and a provably fair game.


Not surprisingly, there are sites with no Bitcoin dice faucet at all like SatoshiBones Although these sites are bitcoin faucet-less, they offer you some compensatory features like a low house edge, anonymous gameplay, and wallet-to-wallet payments.

Who has the best bitcoin dice faucet?

With up to 20 free wagers per day, Trustdice’s faucet is definitely one of the best ways to claim free Bitcoin and a range of other cryptocurrencies. We were impressed with how many different types of crypto could be claimed through TrustDice.Win’s faucet, which is considerably more than any other Bitcoin dice site we’ve reviewed here.


Which BitcoinDice strategy is the best?

While playing the BTC dice game, you’ll see that it is much smarter to follow a well-structured strategy to maximize your winnings and earn much more! These strategies improve your odds of winning by a lot. This also improves your takings over time. These are the top and best-rated bitcoin dice strategies to increase your win chance by a lot.


  • The Paroli Strategy – A method that helps players maximize winning streaks and minimize losses, the Paroli strategy sees players determine a base stake amount, then double their bet after each win until they achieve three consecutive wins.


paroli bitcoin dice strategy


  • The Martingale Strategy – A tried and tested strategy from the 1700s; Martingale strategy players gradually increase the amount they bet when they are on a losing streak. The idea behind this strategy is that the increased bets will recover the losses incurred during the losing streak when the player wins.


martingale bitcoin dice strategy


  • The D’Alembert Strategy – This easy-to-remember strategy simply increases your bet amount by 1x after each consecutive roll.


d'alembert bitcoin dice strategy


  • The Inverse Martingale Strategy – As you might have guessed, this is the opposite of the regular Martingale strategy. Players increase their wagering size during a winning streak rather than a losing streak, which maximizes the takings from a successful win.

What is a bitcoin dice roll?

In a dice Bitcoin game, players choose a number between 1 and 100 and place a wager on whether a dice roll between the same numbers will roll above or below that number — it’s that simple. Betting that a dice roll will result in a number lower than 75, for example, is the same as betting that the roll will land over 25.


How do I verify my bitcoin dice roll?

You can use a third-party tool to verify your bets because decrypting the whole algorithm is really complicated. Here are some tools that you can use to verify your bets.

Please note these are third-party tools, and you must do your due diligence before using them.

Codepen’s verifier: https://codepen.io/trustdice/pen/qwwGBQ



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