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Are you a sports fanatic? Tracking every event and player for the games you love? Or maybe are you a lover of all things crypto gambling? Then this is the perfect guide for you. We want to introduce you to the best bitcoin betting sites for sports. But before we fully delve into everything bitcoin gambling and sports, let us introduce ourselves.


We at BestCryptoGamblingSites aim to bring you insight and information to all things bitcoin gambling, as well as highlight lesser-known cryptocurrency betting sites. We as a team have more than 20 years of experience in online gambling and are avid believers of bitcoin and casinos that accept bitcoin. We are simply here to bring light to potential BTC betting sites you can use for sports betting. Every casino you come across through your time on our website has been thoroughly vetted and is ensured to provide a safe, secure, and satisfying crypto betting experience.


In this guide, we will be covering what a bitcoin sportsbook is, where and how to bet on sports, as well as some of the pros and cons of online sportsbooks. Whether you are new to crypto gambling or have been a betting site novice for years, this guide will help you find and confirm which sites are best for sports betting, and crypto betting specifically. From a welcome bonus to deposits and withdrawals, to sports to bet on, we will be tackling all the intricate details.


But in order to know which sites are the best, we will first need to truly understand when and where sports betting comes from and what has made it grow in popularity over the years.


The History Of Betting On Sports 

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The history of betting on sports has no definitive start, but the earliest proof of it can be traced back to 776 BC. The Olympics started in 776 BC, in Greece. It has been theorized that watchers used to place bets on the athletes they thought would win. Although these are the presumed origins of betting on sports, there is conclusive proof of sports betting on chariot races or gladiator fights in Rome. From there Rome made the democratic decision to evenly legalize sports betting.


Many countries have come to accept, legalize, and promote sports betting. Horse racing has become a part of almost every western countries entertainment, with statistics and information readily available for betters to make educated bets on who they think may win. More mainstream games then became the focal point for those looking to make some extra money while watching their favorite sports events. Baseball and basketball, and then eventually soccer. Right back to the Olympics, one of the biggest sports events in the world and a versatile playground for betters.


The era of online betting has also been a big driving factor in the sports betting industry. Allowing players and betters from around the world to bet on sports they may not have access to participating in. So let’s get into modern betting and where it’s heading.

Best Bitcoin Sports Betting Sites

Modern Sports Betting

As we have already stated online betting has drastically grown the sports betting scene, offering accessibility for users around the world, allowing them to bet on almost any sports event available. Online betting comes with a variety of benefits, aside from the legal aspects, safety and diversity are ensured. From archery to swimming, to golf, and the Olympics, online betting has proven to be the best way to bet with its range of sports on offer.

Not only can you bet on sports, but most also provide you with esports betting. Esports betting is another category taking over online betting. You can bet on players who are dominating the Dota 2 and League of Legends leaderboards. Maybe you aren’t a fan of Dota 2 or League of Legends? Fear not, as there are plenty of other esports games for betters to wager on. No matter your sports, or esports preference, there is likely a casino that provides it.


Another factor that can be attributed to the growing craze of online sportsbooks is cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency betting provides players with more security, speed, and trust than ever before. Although a credit card payment method does provide some sense of security, it can take up to 3 business days for international payments to clear. A credit card may also not be accepted by a casino from a different country due to currency conversion. Using bitcoin or another cryptocurrency ensures an internationally accepted currency with speedy processing and safety. Making deposits and withdrawals quick and simple. Casinos that accept bitcoin can generally be seen as innovative and trustworthy, due to the nature of the currency they accept. It is not a make or break if they accept bitcoin, but it is a good sign if they do.


Above any other payment method, using bitcoin, or any cryptocurrency is a sure way to enhance your overall online betting experience. Using bitcoin as a payment method also provides anonymous betting, whether you’re trying to hide it from your government or wife, your funds and user data are safe. Betting bitcoin on casino games, and online sportsbooks may be the only way to ensure the best online gambling encounter.


Why Play At These Sports Betting Sites?

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In the above section, we covered why online gambling has become such an asset in sports betting, especially seen by BTC betting. Bitcoin sports betting sites provide players with a variety of sports to bet on, as well as all the benefits of using bitcoin. Online sportsbooks allow users to access game categories and events from around the world, whether it is betting on the teams or specific players, you can bet on almost anything.


Crypto betting and BTC betting does provide players with a better experience, by providing a variety of benefits. Low-cost transactions, high speed of payment processing, and increased anonymity are just a few of the features you can look forward to when BTC betting. Although this may not directly apply to bitcoin sports betting sites, it is worth noting that crypto gambling can enable players provably fair gaming and game results, ensuring even more trust. Cryptocurrency as a whole is the future but is especially emphasized within sports betting sites. Whether you are playing casino games, or BTC betting on sports, cryptocurrency is an invaluable way to ensure the highest standards of online gambling are met.


These are just a few of the reasons you should choose from our list of the best bitcoin betting sites, taking your sportsbook experience to the next level. But to understand why crypto betting is the best, you should understand how bitcoin sportsbooks work.


How Do Bitcoin Sportsbooks Work?

You will need to start by depositing bitcoin or another cryptocurrency into your casino account, this will be used to place your bets. Bitcoin gambling makes this a faster and more secure process. You will then need to find a sport event to bet on, you can do this by browsing the sports categories on offer and selecting a game from the list. Bitcoin betting sites generally provide best odds for you to view before placing your bets, as this allows you to see how much you could lose or win. Most use the + and – system, although this could vary depending on which bitcoin sports betting site you use.


You should have plenty of betting options, but that is dependent on the game you are betting on. For the Olympics, you would be able to select which team and player you think would win. Some bitcoin sportsbooks even allow you to bet on which person you think will score the most or be voted player of the match. Using the Olympics as an example again, you may even be able to bet on which country you think will earn the most gold medals.


When you bet bitcoin on some of the best bitcoin betting sites, you may be able to claim bonuses. This varies among bitcoin sportsbooks, but some have exceptional bonuses on offer. You may be able to get your first sports bet free, or claim a welcome bonus. Claiming these will be underlined in the terms and conditions, it is important to take note of any wager requirements.


Pros And Cons Of Sports Betting

When considering playing on a bitcoin sportsbook, there are very clearly many pros, but this wouldn’t be an honest guide if we didn’t cover the cons too. There are not too many issues you may run into when playing on the mentioned best bitcoin betting sites, but rather with sports betting in general. When you use bitcoin, there are only benefits, so let us dive into some of the pros and cons that may come when you bet on sports.


Pros Cons
Bet anytime Accessibility may promote addictions
Choose from a variety of sports Reliance on internet connection
Statistic analyzing tools Possibly of account malfunction
Potential to view broadcast on site
Live betting
Bitcoin betting site bonuses



Although there are disadvantages, most are not an issue but are worth noting nonetheless. In regards to the potential addiction, a lot of the best bitcoin betting sites offer self-exclusion settings to ensure you never go overboard. The reliance on internet connection may be an issue for some but not with the growing technology era we are currently in. Most of the best bitcoin betting sites will not run into the issue of account malfunction, and if they do, their customer support should help you find a solution. The pros heavily outweigh the cons, and these pros are boosted even further when you use bitcoin. On top of all the advantages already mentioned, bitcoin gambling assures fast, secure, and transparent processing. The benefits are doubled when you use bitcoin, with no increases within the cons.


Frequently Asked Questions 

  • Where can I find the best bitcoin betting sites?

    In this list of course. But jokes aside, a quick google search and a bit of research can also provide you with an extensive list of options.

  • How many sports are offered?

    This varies from sportsbook to sportsbook, but we generally found that most of the best bitcoin betting sites provide plenty of sports betting games. From football, to hockey, to surfing, to esports, the possibilities are endless.

  • Why use Bitcoin?

    BTC is internationally accepted, provides fast and secure payments, can ensure anonymous processing, and ease of use.

  • Can I use other cryptocurrency coins?

    That depends on the bitcoin sports betting site you use, although most do accept other cryptocurrencies for betting, usually Ethereum and Litecoin at least, but some offer up to 30 other options.

  • What is mBTC?

    mBTC refers to the metric system applied to Bitcoin and is comparable to Satoshis. This benefits players as they can bet a decimal place of BTC as opposed to an entire bitcoin.

  • Are there bitcoin betting fees and times?

    This varies from cryptocurrencies, but usually cryptocurrency payment processing depends on the network speed. Fees will depend on the number of payments being processed, but should generally be specified when withdrawing.

  • How old do I have to be to bet on sports?

    18 years of age is the generally accepted age for players, although some casinos may require you to be above 21 years of age. It’s unlikely, but we have seen it done before, 18 years old is the general rule of thumb when it comes to casinos.

  • Best Bitcoin Betting Sites Conclusion 

    And that’s it! Everything you need to know about bitcoin sports betting, from the beginning of betting to the most asked questions. Sports betting has been and continues to be an important part of casino entertainment. The online era has allowed so much more betting and winning potential, with the help of bitcoin.

    While this guide was made to assist you in finding and learning about the best bitcoin betting sites, we will always recommend that players do their own research. This ensures you have a fearless and fantastic time betting, without the worry of any issues occurring.

    We hope this guide supplied you with sufficient information to make your own decisions and find the best bitcoin sports betting site for you. We regularly release bitcoin, crypto, and casino-related content to keep you up to date with all you need to know. Be sure to check out the rest of our site for more:

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