Atari SA, an entertainment software company plans to start an online casino within the next month, which is the latest step in the CEO Frederic Chesnains’s effort to revitalise the firm.


Along with Decentral Games developers on the Ethereum blockchain, the casino will include Atari-themed games and NFTs (non-Fungible Tokens), which can be leveraged in order to make more digital currency. The two companies expect to see bets of $150 million in 2021 and over $400 million in two years, according to their statement.


Casinos built on the blockchain have attracted a lot of mixed feelings like enthusiasm and scepticism, while gamblers and all crypto fans seeing them as the future of gambling. NFTs have wider popularity nowadays, as a different option of trading.


Chesnais included previous crypto currency related forays in this new casino, as he wished to make Atari more relevant and modern.