You can now use DOGE to pay for your hardware at Newegg

Dogecoin holders will now be able to buy hardware from Newegg by paying directly with the famous cryptocurrency that started off “as a joke”. To be precise, Newegg was one of the first online stores to allow Bitcoin transactions, so this move is not surprising.


Last month the value of Dogecoin was only $0.06 while at the moment it has jumped to $0.37, recording an increase of 640% within a month. Its market capitalisation is $48 billion and its launch is mainly due to Elon Musk who promoted Dogecoin on Twitter using memes.


Andrew Choi, Sr. Brand Manager of Newegg, said: “We’re committed to making it easy for our customers to shop however works best for them, and that means letting them make transactions with the payment method that suits them best. To that end, we’re excited to give Dogecoin fans an easy way to shop online for tech.”