The Nintendo Game Boy can mine Bitcoin

The Nintendo Game Boy was released in 1989 and the only thing that is certain is that the days when hardware was considered strong, are long gone. However, this does not prevent it from carrying out a modern process, at the pace it can, of course. The process is none other than Bitcoin “mining”.


A modder decided to test if the portable gaming machine could mine Bitcoin. He achieved that using a Raspberry Pi Pico board, which connects the Nintendo Game Boy to a computer, since the former has no other way to connect to the internet, and so the console accepts commands and mines.


Obviously, the speed with which it carries out the process is very slow, besides, the GameBoy has a Sharp LR35902 processor, at 4.19 MHz. To get a slightly more accurate picture, the console is slower than the mighty ASIC miners. Of course, the purpose of the whole process was not to make GameBoy profitable through Bitcoin mining. Instead, the modder wanted to confirm that the 32-year-old portable console is capable of carrying out the process.