The student coin is a new cryptocurrency, which is currently preparing to enter the market.


The project started in 2017 with the cooperation of students and staff from universities such as Harvard, NYU, LSE and a crypto investment fund. The currency will be available at cryptocurrency exchanges in May 2021.


At the moment, however, it can be purchased (through the ICO process) from its site, at a price lower than the one that will initially be available in the market in May.


In the STC environment, everyone will be able to create and develop their own token, while also allowing business tokenisation. But why choose Student Coin?


In what Student Coin excels compared to other blockchain projects, is that it is fully supported by the academic faculties, with a professional and business approach.


The involvement of academia will lead to the establishment of an open network for tokenisation, easy to use by all that will offer professional solutions for companies and startups.


It is the first project that targets not only cryptocurrency investors, but also students by educating them about blockchain.