Microstrategy’s interest in increasing its position in the digital currency proved to be particularly strong in the investment community, so much that with a new announcement it revised the amount of the new upcoming market by $300 million, intending to raise $900 million from markets.


While rumours have already started about which companies will be the next to invest part of their reserves in the digital currency, this new trend “threatens” to launch Bitcoin in numbers that we do not dare to write. The predominant buyers are Silicon Valley technology companies, with enhanced reserves.


At the same time, investment banks are rushing to position themselves before it is too late. Of particular interest is the information that prominent investors in Bitcoin now consider $250,000 as the target for their exit plan.


According to a recent Gartner survey of CFOs, 5% of them plan to invest in crypto currencies. This percentage respectively increases to 16% when we refer to the future until 2024.


84% of those who do not intend to invest attributed the reason why to the high volatility of digital currencies. Other concerns mentioned are the low rate of integration through payments, possible problems due to legislation, but also lack of experience of executives in crypto currency markets.


71% of CFOs develop mechanisms to actively monitor crypto currency markets and who invests in digital currency markets.


But the percentages increase significantly when we refer to technology companies, as 50% of the participants stated that their company will invest in Bitcoin.


According to market information, at least five Fortune 500s are currently placed on Coinbase Over the Counter desks.


At the same time, BlackRock Chief Investment Officer Rick Rieder, in an interview with CNBC, said that the fund management company has timidly started researching crypto currency markets.


Comparing digital currencies with examples such as the Dutch tulips that lasted a few months, in a small corner of the world and in an era with limited access to information is really unfortunate. Crypto currencies are currently the focus of global interest, having accumulated the experience of a market that spans ten years and has managed to multiply not only capitalization, but human resources, innovation, plus the number of investors.