Signum: A “green” and sustainable blockchain that “promisesto make a real disrupt in the cryptocurrency market. In particular, Signum supports smart contracts, messaging services and token creation in a fast and secure way – and, above all, in a sustainable way, as it uses less than 0.002% of Bitcoin energy for its blockchain and currency; the Signa. It also has fair, non-stop and unlimited decentralised applications.


Signa is no longer a cryptocurrency – it is the cornerstone of a sustainable future. It is mined, exchanged and stored like other cryptocurrencies, in a decentralised catholic. It is also used to create tokens, smart contracts and messaging. All this without the environmental impact of other cryptocurrencies.


In addition, Signa uses the Proof of Commitment (PoC +) protocol. Unlike Proof of Work (PoW) used by Bitcoin and other currencies, PoC + uses as much available hard disk space as possible. So PoC + offers a new, more effective way for miners to increase their efficiency. PoC + is a greener option, as efficient capacity can be increased without having to buy more equipment.