During the Covid-19 pandemic, many people seemed to begin engaging with technology in a lot of different ways. Researches show that online gambling services have increased in popularity, something that might also increase the percentage of gambling addiction.


The corona virus restrictions towards the end of last year have contributed to the increase of online gambling. The Gambling Commission’s analysis stated that the number of online slot bets rose to 6 billion, plus the active accounts to 3 million last December.


These numbers show the affect corona virus restrictions have on gambling, with more than 80% of the people in the UK turning to gambling during the pandemic.


The Gambling Commission also said that the latest data shows similarities to gambling behaviour during last year in spring, when the only way to gamble was to gamble online. Operators need to understand the potential of some players to be increasing their time spent on intensive products, while engaging in a real betting activity at the same time, something that was not available during the initial lockdown.


Gambling companies introduced new measures to gambling, in order to protect players from the addictive slot machines. The GK said that these operators had to slow the games down to a speed of 2.5 sec/spin, and stop the use of lights and sounds that make the loss feel like a win.