Norton 360 adds Ethereum crypto mining

It is not very common for an Antivirus suite to offer cryptocurrency mining, but Norton 360 makes it an option. The logic of the Norton 360 is to offer a secure way to anyone who wants to “chase” after cryptocurrencies.


The creators of the security suite point out that many times those involved in cryptocurrency mining end up running malware on their computer and simply doing damage, without making a profit. Thus, Norton 360 offers a secure environment for the user to engage in cryptocurrency mining without worrying about potential risks.


The program, as it runs steadily in the background on the computer, also mines Ethereum and stores the results, not on a hard drive, but directly on the user account in Norton Cloud. Gradually, this feature will be available to all Norton software users in the coming weeks.


The cryptocurrency economy may be in crisis lately, but that does not mean that there are not people out there who see some potential and opportunities in the current time of crisis.