Microsoft plans to mine cryptocurrencies through human brain waves, instead of using computer systems. In fact, it has already secured the relevant patent to the World Property Organisation.


In particular, the technology giant is preparing to develop a system that will utilise the energy of the human body to mine cryptocurrencies. Therefore, there will be no need to buy ASIC or the latest GPU. You will be able to mine cryptocurrencies with the power of your mind.


According to Microsoft’s Cryptocurrency System Using Body Activity Data, the human body produces energy that is lost. That energy could be used for something else, in this case, mining.


Mining process

As for the extraction process, the user will connect sensors to parts of his body and will be rewarded when an activity is performed either consciously or unconsciously. For example, the patent “explains” that sensors could determine when a person is performing a particular task, such as watching an ad or using an internet service. When the appropriate stimulus is entered, the extraction process will be activated and the individual will be rewarded with tokens.


The Microsoft patent explains that transactions will be recorded on a blockchain. This can be private or public. In any case, it presupposes communication between the human and a host that will read and process data.