Ledger faces lawsuit over data leakage

The crypto wallet company Ledger will be in court due to the large data leak that occurred in 2020 and resulted in the loss of funds by users of its devices.


According to the case file, the law firm Roche Freedman filed a lawsuit against Ledger and Shopify on April 6th, representing two plaintiffs.


Ledger lost data, some of which was linked to the e-commerce platform Shopify, which hosts the company’s store and products.


Ledger, for its part, blamed Shopify for the incident, claiming that its employee was the one who leaked the personal data of 20.000 customers in December 2020. This leak was added to another that occurred in the summer of the same year.


The lawsuit filed by John Chu and Edward Baton begins as follows:


“The plaintiffs are seeking compensation for the significant damage caused by the Ledger and Shopify infringements, which is related to a massive data breach that occurred in 2020, which these companies allowed through negligence and ignorance and later deliberately sought to cover.”


Ledger insists that its devices continue to be 100% secure, while when it comes to litigation, Ledger’s Antoine Thibault said: “Ledger does not comment on current legal issues.”


Kyle Roche, one of the partners of the law firm that has represented the plaintiffs against Ledger and Shopify, said:


“We have been investigating the leak since the day it was reported. This investigation involves discussions with experts in data security and in areas related to cryptocurrencies.”


The case does not mention the specific amount for which the plaintiffs appealed, but it is an amount close to $5 million. The documents report two cases of Ledger device users who lost a total of 4.2 BTC, 11 ETH and 150.000 XLM as a result of the leaks.


The company also dealt with the events, denying any compensation and which neither more nor less blamed the victims, arguing that they were the ones who did not comply with all the necessary security measures.