General Motors would consider accepting Bitcoins in the future

The beginning may have been made by Elon Musk with Tesla, but the move to accept cryptocurrencies for the sale of physical goods, such as cars, is as secure as playing all your money in the casino! Objectively, since there is no fixed exchange rate with conventional currencies, there is no collateral.


And for the first one, with the corresponding bubble of his own share, he does not mind gambling a little more. But for a carmaker like General Motors, the risk could be anything but trivial.


We have no plans to invest in bitcoin and that is clear now,” said Mary Barra, GM’s CEO, in a recent press conference. “But this is something that we will monitor and evaluate. If there is a strong demand from customers for this in the future, there is nothing to stop us from accepting it.”


This may be an artful move for the company to avoid a response that shareholders and markets may not like. How easily, of course, Tesla imitators will be found, to pay from 1.5 billion dollars to enter the digital “game”, this remains to be proven.