A platform that is based on the DOGE currency has announced peer-to-peer exchanges, or “atomic swaps” of the crypto.


An announcement made on Wednesday, Komodo (an open source crypto currency and blockchain solutions provider) said its DogeDEX launched on March 1st and has already seen some impressive results, with over 3000 downloads. This service is powered by the AtomicDEX engine and it is available for both mobile apps and desktops.


The atomic swaps are used for direct crypto exchanges, without the need for a third party to be included, like a centralised exchange.


The DEX can also be used as a non-custodian wallet, thus allowing customers to store their holdings on this platform. Komodo also stated that their engineers are looking forward to building a fiat on-ramp within the next month, so all the crypto purchases can be directly made on DogeDEX.


Kadan Stadelmann, CTO at Komodo said:

Crypto, like the internet, is so much about community and dogecoin is the currency of the internet. Decentralised exchanges and non-custodial wallets are a few of our specialties and we want to enable [dogecoin’s] considerable fan base to trade crypto with the very latest technology – Atomic Swaps”.