Although he refused to give a clear estimate for the price of bitcoin, the CEO of Kraken said that in 2021 it will be worth as much as a Lamborghini, while in 2022 as much as a Bugatti.


But his predictions did not stop there. He also talked about Ethereum, which he predicted would rise above $2.000 due to the ETH 2.0 upgrade and the huge volume of applications being developed in this protocol.


This is not the first time Jesse Powell has spoken so optimistically. The “infinite” prospect of bitcoin has been repeatedly mentioned, especially as the US government continues to print unlimited amounts of dollars.


When asked what he meant by “infinite” in a previous interview, he replied that a million dollars per bitcoin seemed a reasonable price for the next ten years.


However, in a recent interview with Bloomberg, he gave his predictions, projecting them on the prices of very expensive cars.


It’s easier to comprehend, compared to Tesla cars in moderation. Now a bitcoin is worth as much as a Tesla model 3. It will probably be worth as much as a Lamborghini at the end of the year. It will probably be worth as much as a Bugatti at the end of next year.


Although Powell does not believe that it is necessary to compare the value of bitcoin with US dollars, as they are in a constant devaluation, we are not yet ready to change the way we measure things and we understand.


So, let’s see how Powell’s words are translated. According to data from, the cheapest new Lamborghini model in the US is the Huracan Evo Rear Wheel Drive (RWD), which is worth $179.000. The most expensive model is the Aventador SVJ which is worth only 515.000 dollars.


For 2022, Powell’s predictions go way further. The “cheapest” Bugatti in the US is sold for $2.900.000 and to get there the value of bitcoin must go up by 5.000!


As we said above, Powell also talked about Ethereum, as well as DOT, citing the ever-increasing acceptance of the blockchain by the developer community.