Bitcoin lost up to 6% on Monday, after the high level – a record $58,354 recorded two days ago, Sunday. International stock exchanges today reduced investors’ willingness to take risks.


The digital currency recently fell 4.4% to $54,941. Its competitor crypto currency, Ethereum is down 12%, to $1,692, after the record it set on Saturday.


Bitcoin rallied over the weekend, with its price almost doubling since the beginning of the year, while its capitalization reached $1 trillion dollars on Friday.


Tesla CEO Elon Musk, whose tweets boosted the crypto currency rally, said on Saturday that Bitcoin and Ethereum prices seemed high.


Bitcoin profits were fuelled by indications that the crypto currency is being accepted by the investment and corporate establishment, from Tesla and Mastercard to BNY Mellon.


Brokers reported that these moves were mainly technical and not linked to any specific catalytic news.