Most of us have heard of cryptocurrencies and what they are. Digital money that we are all familiar with hides several scams. There are many who have lost money trying to “guess” the next Bitcoin. It is something that cannot be predicted as there is no network of banks or a certain number of people who define it.


Which cryptocurrencies are based on a good project?



The most popular cryptocurrency and market giant is of course the Bitcoin. Ideal for those who are new to the crypto market and want to start somewhere. Sure, its current price of $50.000-60.000 can be a deterrent to investing a small amount of money, but it’s what we need to get started. So, if you do not know other projects or do not know how the market works, it is better to start with Bitcoin. Simple, stable and with a market capitalisation that reaches 1 trillion dollars!


Ethereum is a very important project that has taken off in recent months. At this stage a cryptocurrency is worth around $1.800 and the prospects are enough to be our second choice. The project basically has a strong foundation but the high fees it has are dissuasive. This is the reason why a new version, Ethereum 2.0 will be released. Definitely a promising cryptocurrency which is also a safe choice if you are a beginner.


Cardano is also a cryptocurrency that runs a good project behind it. It arrived to solve the issue of the ETH platform and for this reason it is considered one of the most important cryptos on the market. It has recently entered one of the largest exchanges on the market, Binance. Its price is close to $1.2-1.4 and there is definitely a future!


Last, but not least, another safe option that we can add to our list is VeChain. This cryptocurrency is becoming more and more popular, gaining the credibility of investors. Why; its project has a clear purpose: to enable visibility to consumers of the stages that the product they bought has gone through. This particular crypto is probably the most successful one outside of the cryptocurrency and blockchain market.