Types of slot machine games

Slot machines can be divided into two major categories based on the type of game they offer. These categories are single-line slot machines and multi-line slot machines.


When slot machines first started, of course, there were no computers. Its history goes deep back to the time when slot machines were originally games in bars and cafes. Although it was a gamble at the time, the initial winnings were limited to free drinks at the bars. Their history goes back many years until they finally entered the casinos. So these first slot machines had three spinning wheels and only one win line, the main one. In short, in order to win, one had to achieve a combination of victory on this line alone.


These slot machines have remained even today although players do not particularly prefer them. They are usually considered to have limited potential and are often described as boring. Of course, casinos have made sure to have some very attractive one-line slot machines. They usually do this by creating special progressive jackpots, exclusively for these slot machines.


Going back to the history and evolution of slot machines, the sequel was amazing. After bars and cafes, slot machines soon entered the world of casinos. Then the casino owners wanted to make them as impressive as possible in order to attract more people to them. This is how multi-line slot machines were invented. Most multi-line slot machines have more than three reels, usually 5. Multi-line slot machines work as follows: Instead of one winning line, there are many.


For example, a line may consist of the first symbol above the first wheel, the middle of the second, the bottom of the third, the middle of the fourth and the top of the fifth. In casinos the multiple lines of slot machines are shown on the left and when someone goes to bet, each line is drawn immediately in the slot in order for the player to know how to play.


What is especially important in the multiple lines is the understanding what exactly it is and how they correspond to the credits of the game, but also to the winnings of the slot. For each line the player bets, the bet increases by the amount he bets per line. For example, if one bets 5 coins per line and plays with 10 lines then the bet per wheel spin will be 50 coins. This often confuses slot machine players as playing many lines is very likely to win continuously, but they must always remember what they bet in order to check the difference between winnings and bets in order to calculate the net profit in each game.


Finally, it is particularly important to note that many progressive jackpots in multi-line slot machines require the player to play the maximum lines with the maximum coins in order to win the jackpot. That is why you should always look at the paytable, before you participate in any game.


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