Gekkoin offers the possibility of protecting investments in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies from a possible fall in their prices, while guaranteeing part of the profits from any rise.


Bitcoin has jumped to $60.000, but its volatility has risen at the same time, with many investors fearing a sharp drop in price that would cause serious losses. On the other hand, the interest in buying bitcoin from institutional investors as well as small investors continues to grow. Such a situation, as noted by benzinga, has led to increased demand for tools that can cover the risks.


This risk-taking need has been exploited by Gekkoin, which has developed three alternatives, depending on investors’ preferences, for the relationship between the degree of protection of their funds and the share of profits from cryptocurrencies.


Gekkoin’s basic idea is to hedge the risk by using structured deposits, which are an evolution of tools available in the classic financial markets.


Structured deposits allow investors to use bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies (such as Ethereum and Monero) to raise interest rates and at the same time offer up to 100% asset security, if there are adverse market developments, using stocks and bonds in the portfolio.


Gekkoin also allows European investors to trade instantly through an easy-to-use terminal. The things needed to make transfers and transactions on the platforms are access to a bank card and a bank account.


The limits for investor participation are low and there are ready-made solutions that can be used by both institutional investors and micro-investors unfamiliar with cryptocurrencies.


The solutions offered are the following three:


  1. The dynamic strategy: Designed to enable users to earn 50% off cryptocurrency price increases.
  2. The safe strategy: It offers a yield of 4% per year when the market is down and up to 18% when it is on the rise.
  3. The balanced strategy: Ensures profits of 20-25% from the increase of the price of cryptocurrencies and protection from the fall of their price, that reaches 95-100%.