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Bitcoin has been surging in popularity since its introduction over a decade ago, and now we have seen the introduction of crypto-based casinos, of which Bitcoin casinos are the most popular. These extraordinary casinos generally offer exciting bonuses and promotions including welcome bonuses, free spins, and more.


In this review, we will be giving an overview of Bitcoin free spins that are offered to gamblers from various Bitcoin casinos in the USA. If you are playing from a country or region outside of the USA please read one of our other reviews covering Bitcoin free spins in other territories.


What is Bitcoin?

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Bitcoin is a digital currency that is 100% decentralized and that means that it is not managed or governed by a central bank or administrator as it works through a peer-to-peer network. It was created in 2008 and released in 2009 by an individual or group going by the name Satoshi Nakamoto.


Transactions that are actioned with Bitcoin are verified through cryptography by network nodes, and these transactions are then recorded in an openly public ledger called the Bitcoin blockchain.


Over the years Bitcoin grew in popularity when many individuals and corporations took notice of its unique benefits as compared to fiat currency and as a result, Bitcoin amassed a monumental market cap, which at the time of writing this article is over $823 billion.


What are Bitcoin Casinos?

Bitcoin casinos are online casinos that use Bitcoin as the primary, and sometimes only, method of payment. Bitcoin casinos give players the privacy and anonymity that traditional casinos cannot, and this is a major draw for players wanting to maintain anonymity when gambling online.


Bitcoin casinos allow you to join them and gambling anonymously as they don’t require much of your personal information. To sign up all they would need from you is a unique code called a hash.


This model of gambling is becoming extremely popular so we can expect Bitcoin casinos to dominate the online gambling space as they give out exciting bonuses to new players such as free cash, free spins and so much more.



How do Bitcoin Casino Free Spins Work?

Bitcoin casinos know that they are in a pool with hundreds of competitors, so in order to remain competitive, the Bitcoin casinos offer special rewards to new and existing players in order to both maintain and grow their user base. The way they achieve this is through giving exciting bonuses and promotions that are very attractive to gamblers.


One of the most common bonuses that you will be awarded by a Bitcoin casino is free spins on slots games. Despite the ambiguity around cryptocurrency and cryptocurrency gambling laws, Bitcoin casinos are more than happy to accept players residing in the USA and reward them for their patronage with different types of free spin bonuses.


Bitcoin free spins are among the best bonus offers given by Bitcoin casinos as they give you the opportunity to play with an array of diverse slots without risking any of your own money. The vast majority of online casinos allow you to get free spins in a number of different ways, for example, a number of them periodically offer free spin bonuses to existing members.


In addition to being a new member of a Bitcoin casino, there are other ways of accruing free spins. In some cases, an online casino may give out free spins on certain days if you are a member of their VIP program as an added benefit, an example of this could be “Super Spin Saturdays.” Some Bitcoin casinos may offer free spins on holidays, special occasions, and various other dates.


Additionally, these casinos may allow players to claim free spins if they fare well in casino tournaments. Finally, some online casinos may reward you with free spins for achieving certain levels of success in certain casino games.


You could spend countless hours trying to find the right online casino with the right kind of exclusive bonus for your needs, but we have made it easy and convenient for you by listing the types of free spins you could expect from our recommendations of Bitcoin casinos.

How Do I Use Bitcoin Free Spins Bonus Codes?

In some instances, you might find that instead of your account being credited with free spins, you get a free spins bonus code. These are special codes or coupons that you use to unlock your free spins, much like a key.


To use it, you will take the bonus code and enter it into the bonus codes/promotions tab on the menu of your Bitcoin casino and then follow any additional prompts. You should then momentarily notice that your account has been credited with free spins, at which point the fun can begin and you can start playing.


If you aren’t already a member of a Bitcoin casino, then the first step would be to find one that you are pleased with and then fill in an account registration sheet. After which you will be given the option of claiming free bonuses or not, should you accept the bonus then you will receive a bonus code or coupon, and then you can follow the steps we listed above.


Some Bitcoin casinos may request that you email them the bonus code at which point they will unlock your bonuses for you subject to certain wagering requirements. Once you have met the wagering requirements of the bonus policy you will then be able to withdraw your winnings into your Bitcoin wallet.


Be sure to check for which Ts and Cs apply.

Bitcoin Free Spins No-Deposit Offers

Naturally, any gambler would want the best online casino bonuses, and below we will cover what some of those might entail. There are many free spins of different types that are offered by online casinos, the most common of which are the welcomes bonuses also known as no-deposit free spins. For this kind of bonus, various Bitcoin casinos will offer you a finite amount of free spins to thank you for joining them.


These free spins are created for new gamblers signing up with a Bitcoin casino for the first time. These free spin bonuses in particular are especially popular among casino players because they allow you to try out a variety of online casinos and slot games. These free spins are 100% free and allow you to peruse the Bitcoin casino without risking a potential first deposit. The free spins are usually between 20 and 200, giving you several opportunities to win big but Ts and Cs apply.


As we always say, it is only prudent of you as a responsible gambler to read up on the terms and conditions of your chosen online casino, as some may have certain conditions that you will need to abide by.


Below is a list of casinos that offer free spins with no deposit:

Bitcoin Free Spins with a Deposit

Some casinos do not offer no-deposit free spins, but they still want to keep attracting new players, so instead, they offer free spins with a deposit. This bonus is sometimes a combination of free spins and a cash bonus that matches your initial deposit by a certain percentage. For example, you would make your initial deposit and the Bitcoin casino could match your initial deposit by 100% and throw in 50 free spins on selected slot games.


For a few Bitcoin casinos, the fun doesn’t end with your first deposit as some will reward you with these incredible bonuses on your second and third deposits although you can expect them to be slightly less than the initial deposit bonuses. Claiming these bonuses is not different from the way you would claim any other bonus, just be sure to follow the instructions on your chosen Bitcoin casino’s website.

Free Cash

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This one may sound a little too good to be true, but we assure you that it is not. Online casinos may give prospective gamblers a small amount of free cash when signing up to be a member. You could use the money to play various casino games for free, risking 0% of your own real money, giving you the perfect opportunity to get a feel for the kind of games you would like to play as well as the casinos you would like to play with. Free cash is not necessarily a free spin but you still get to play slots without using any of your own Bitcoin.

No-Download Free Spins

No-download free spins are attained through playing with Australian no-download gambling sites, and really all that means is that you are playing on a website and not on a casino application that would be downloaded to your mobile phone or desktop. Some players may prefer one method over the other but both come with certain advantages and disadvantages.


With a downloaded casino, you wouldn’t need to constantly open your browser and log in as the application will be on your device. However, you would need to update your application each time a new release is made.


With a no-download casino encountering bugs are a lot less common than with a downloaded casino, but a no-download casino requires a good and stable internet connection. Nevertheless, both options are great and the options we have listed in this article are among the best you can choose in the USA.

Bitcoin Free Spin Offers for Existing Players

Perhaps you are already a member of a Bitcoin casino and you are interested in accruing some free spins, well many casinos offer ongoing promotional bonuses that are awarded to existing gamblers. To access these bonuses you will need to look out for any alerts on your casino’s news page and on their promotions/bonuses tabs.


Some Bitcoin casinos will alert you to the fact that they are giving out bonuses as some have ‘Happy Hour’ which is rather sporadic but very enticing. A tip for mobile users: turn on push notifications so you will always receive alerts on special deals and extra bonuses.

Using Free Spins to Your Advantage

The most astute gamblers will take advantage of the free spins they are awarded in the best way possible. It would be advisable to use the free spins as a learning opportunity as you can learn so much more from any given game when your real money is not on the line.


You can later use this learning experience to inform your decisions and gameplay when you do use your real money this includes the rules of the games, bet sizes, wagering requirements and so much more. Using this period of time before you make a deposit will only benefit you.

Bitcoin Free Spin Bonus Terms and Conditions

The first thing to look out for when you receive free spins is the time limit. Some Bitcoin casinos place a time limit on the use of free spins, if you go over that time your free spins will expire and be forfeited. The majority of the casinos use a time limit of 7 days. Be sure to look out for this when looking at what Ts and Cs apply.


The time limit is not the only limit you may be met with, as some Bitcoin casinos also have a withdrawal limit which is the maximum amount of money that you can withdraw from free spins regardless of how much money you win.


The vast majority of free spin bonuses come with a wagering or playthrough requirement, which is an amount required by the casino to withdraw the funds from your free spins. This measure is put in place to prevent players from solely gambling with only free spins, and it’s only fair as the casino could potentially bankrupt itself by constantly giving out bonuses and free spins without any limit to them.


The wagering requirement is sometimes calculated by the casino and in other cases, you may have to calculate it yourself. Do not worry about calculating it as it is easy and simple, and we have an example for you to illustrate. Suppose you have received 150 free spins and from those free spins, you managed to earn $50 and the wagering requirement is 40x. In order for you to withdraw your earnings, you would need to wager your $50 a total of 40 times. In this scenario that would mean you would need to wager at least $2000 in order to withdraw your winnings accrued from your free spins.


In addition to the wagering requirement, another part of the terms and conditions are the exclusivity of certain games, and bonuses as some casinos only offer free spins for specific games. So you might find that certain slots titles have no free spins on offer, but that’s okay because there are plenty more that do and you can find those casinos in this article.

Bitcoin Free Spin Bonuses Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Gambling Freely but for Real Cash Limitation to Specific Slot Games
This is fairly straightforward as gambling generally requires that players use their own money in hope of winning so much more but with free spins, you can play those same casino games without depleting your own wallet. It's highly unlikely that you would be able to use your free spins on online slot games of your choice as most Bitcoin free spins are bound to a certain slot game or selection of slots.
It is important to note though that free spins are not the same as the demo mode which allows you to play games for free, as the demo mode does not win you any real money. Time Limit
Playing with New Online Casinos Bitcoin casino free spins do not last forever, all of them have an expiry date, usually falling between 3 and 7 days so be sure to claim free spins before their expiry date.
There are a vast number of Bitcoin casinos, therefore, providing players with endless choices. Wagering Requirements
Free spins give you an opportunity to play Bitcoin casino games and get an understanding of the kinds of game offerings, and the different kinds of games they would like to play. Bitcoin casinos may have high wagering amounts and requirements, meaning you will have to wager your winnings several times before you can withdraw any of them.
Free spins also provide you with the perfect opportunity to try out new online casinos without necessarily committing to them.


Closing Thoughts

Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency in the entire world, so for those wanting to gamble with Bitcoin, the options for you are endless as Bitcoin casinos are by far the most popular cryptocurrency casinos available in America. Gambling with the bitcoin casinos offers a refreshing alternative to traditional casinos which are limited by the regulatory bodies that oversee their operations and impose policies on their players.


These casinos are all competing for market share and in order to remain competitive, they offer the most exciting bonuses and promotions.


In this article we have covered various kinds of Bitcoin free spin bonus offers for American gamblers including exclusive free spin casinos with various kinds of free spin offers and free spin bonuses, all of which have their own unique benefits.


This is excellent for those wanting to gamble without any potential risk to their own money as this will give you an overview of the kinds of Bitcoin casino games available, however, Ts and Cs apply. There are certain disadvantages such as the time limit imposed on free spins, the sometimes high wagering requirements that are imposed on players wanting to withdraw their winnings and the limitation of free spins to certain games.


All of that notwithstanding, Bitcoin casinos are some of the most exciting casinos to play with as they have a number of games that they have developed especially for the Bitcoin platform and its users. Additionally, they offer incredibly enticing bonuses and promotions that you may not find in fiat currency casinos as well as casinos of other cryptocurrency types. Bitcoin casinos have every chance at becoming the most popular type of casino in the world, especially as Bitcoin’s market cap and popularity surge each year.



  • Are free spins 100% free?

    Absolutely, free spins are 100% free but you may have to wager the winnings you accrue from free spins before you can withdraw it.

  • Is there any risk in using free spins?

    No there is no risk to you as you won’t be using your own money to play when you use your free spins.

  • What is a no-deposit bonus?

    A no-deposit bonus is a bonus given to new players when they sign up with a Bitcoin casino or any casino for that matter, for the first time. They would not need to make a deposit in order to claim this bonus. These bonuses could include free spins as well as free cash and more

  • Can I win real money from a no-deposit bonus?

    Yes. Read up on the Ts and Cs of your chosen Bitcoin casino as they will have a maximum amount of real money that you can win and withdraw.

    This money is added to your bonus account which, once you’ve played it through the required amount of times as specified in the casino’s standard bonus terms and conditions, you may cash out.

  • Do I always require a bonus code?

    Not necessarily. Several casinos have functionality that automatically credits your account with the bonuses and free spins you have been awarded.

  • What does no-wagering mean?

    This means that your wins from free spins will have no wager on them, so what you win is 100% yours to keep or withdraw.

  • Do I need a web browser to gamble with Bitcoin casinos?

    Not necessarily, many Bitcoin casinos have mobile and desktop applications that can be easily downloaded through the iOS or Google Play App Stores, however it depends on your preference.


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