Best UFC Crypto Betting Sites 2021

Best UFC Crypto Betting Sites 2021

The Ultimate Fighting Championship and crypto betting

Mixed martial arts is one of the fastest growing combat sports the world has ever seen. Two opponents face off in a steel cage to test their might and to taste either the thrill or the agony. Since the dawn of time combat sports and sports betting have gone hand in hand. Now that mixed martial arts is emerging through all corners of the world more online betting sites have surfaced with it. The largest combat sports organization in the world The Ultimate Fighting Championship has recently fought it’s way passed all competitors and reached the pinnacle of sports entertainment. through this UFC betting and UFC crypto betting has exploded, the UFC officially announced their first involvement with an online crypto betting site named on the 5th of March 2021. This occurred after secured Isreal Adesanya the UFC middle weight champion of the world as a brand ambassador in January 2021. Since then the UFC has secured several online crypto betting sites in their arsenal of online betting platforms.

Best UFC crypto betting sites

A guide to UFC crypto betting

The basics

In order to bet on UFC events there are multiple convenient and electrifying platforms that offer exclusive digital currency networks for deposits. A player must go to the cashier section from the wager options and select from for example: BCH, Bitcoin or any other digital currency that is available on that specific UFC crypto betting site. Once the number of tokens has been selected for a deposit, the player can now start gambling with their choice of top cryptocurrencies on their favorite fighters.

Decide on a sportsbook and cryptocurrency

Most online crypto betting sites offer Bitcoin,Ethereum,Dogecoin and Ripple. In order to place bets on UFC with cryptocurrencies you must first find your most preferred UFC sportsbook. find a UFC sportsbook you trust and simply register with an email address and comply with the regulations of the sportsbook. Once your account is created you then deposit your selected cryptocurrency into the sportsbook and you’re on your way to placing bets and winning big!

Placing a bet and withdrawing winnings

When you place a bet you need to decide on the event you wager on, which fights you will wager on and the betting odds of the wager you will place. Once you have placed a bet that earns a reward go to the payout section and withdraw the money of the rewards won. The amount of money that is desired to be cashed out needs to be filled into the withdrawal request page along with the preferred payment option.

Considering UFC odds and wagering requirements when using crypto betting sites

Reading Odds

UFC betting odds are presented the same way most sports odds are presented. The favorite is presented by the minus sign (-) and the underdog is presented by the plus sign (+). To break down odds simply the +115 or-115 represents the cut the sportsbook collects. This is how the sportsbooks are able to make money to operate, the cut can be between $5 and $10, therefore if you place a bet for the favorite to win you need to put down $115 in order to win $100. If you were to place a bet on the underdog you would only need to put down $100 in order to win $115 and that is the basic principle of how to read odds. Remember the value of the bet you place when using crypto betting sites is entirely up to you.

Wagering requirements

Looking into wagering requirements, first, you need to understand what a wagering requirement is. A wagering requirement is the amount of money or in this case, crypto that a player must bet before they are allowed to make a cash or crypto withdrawal. Additionally, when you claim a bonus from a sportsbook the bonus money cannot be withdrawn as it is not real cash or crypto just yet. Once the wagering requirement is met the bonus money can be converted.


Features of a crypto betting sportsbook and what to look for when choosing one


When choosing an online crypto betting site you should consider the different bonuses such as sign up bonuses. These bonuses can often change from time to time so always try to keep a look out for a sportsbook offering a sweet deal.

Selection of cryptocurrencies

All of the most popular cryptocurrencies are authorized for deposits and caching in the profits of the player’s wagering ventures.

Support and customer service

Most MMA betting sites operate with a 24/7 helpline and contact numbers with added social content for bettors. Hospitality is provided to players for assistance on elite odds or to credit instant wins for bets and other games.


The majority of sportsbook websites are authorized by local governments that have sanctioned sports wagering in their jurisdictions, states or regions. That is why it is always important to look at the restricted countries within a sportsbook. Additionally through the employment of cryptocurrencies, less information is given out by the player which helps them remain anonymous during transactions.

User Friendly

Sportsbook’s are designed to be easy to use and the support service provided by the sportsbook will more often than not be available to players whenever assistance is required. Through this there are accelerated payment options for deposits and withdrawals including a streamlined exchange process for bets.

Choosing a crypto betting sportsbook

Most crypto sportsbook’s offer Bitcoin, Litecoin,Dogecoin, Tron, EOS.IO and Ripple. Always remember to consider the wagering requirements before choosing a crypto sportsbook so that your returns may always be profitable and you never lose an opportunity to cash out once you’ve won prizes.

If a specific UFC betting site is not authorized by a local athletic authoritative company then you should choose another website. If the sporting contests of UFC are not authorized they are most likely not going to take place which will cause a heavy expensive to the user. For assured legitimate returns make note to only affiliate with licensed UFC platforms.

Your absolute goal when selecting the most suitable UFC platform should be the return you are able to cash in. With this in mind, the site should provide you with profitable opportunities, VIP experiences, and exciting promotions with the permission of instant withdrawals.


Different UFC betting options

Money line betting

This is essentially betting on who you believe is going to win the fight. This is where you will be able to look at the betting odds on both fighters and choose your best pick.

Round betting

Here focus on the length of the fight more specifically the number of rounds the fight endures. When round betting you choose whether the fight will for example be over 1 or under 1 round.

Fight outcome

is when you decide on how the fight will end, this means you will have to anticipate whether the fight will end by Knockout (KO), Technical Knockout (TKO), Submission (Sub) or Decision (Dec). A Knockout is when the fighter is knocked unconscious via a strike without follow up strikes to the ground. A Technical Knockout is when a fighter proceeds to take multiple strikes to either whilst grounded or standing and the referee is forced to stop the fight. A submission is when a fighter is forced to “tap out” which essentially means to physically give up by tapping on either the ground or opponent once they have been placed in a submission technique. A decision victory is when the duration of the fight has ended and the judges of the UFC event will choose their victor based on various factors of the fight.

Parlay bets

This is similar to parlays in other sports, players bet on multiple fights. You must select the winners of each fight and each fighter selected must win before the bet pays off. Or one may choose to add Fight outcome bets and Round bets.

Proposition bets

Here you have a wide variety of proposition bets to place on each fight and it does not only compile of who wins or loses. Players have the opportunity to place bets on factors such as the amount of strikes thrown or landed by a fighter. You can bet on the amount of takedowns one fighter completes in the duration of their fight. You can even place bets on the amount of times a fighter is knocked down.


MMA betting tips

Stay ahead of MMA news

Now that you understand more about UFC betting odds and online sportsbooks wagering you need to consider devising a tactic on choosing the most suitable bets when betting on various UFC events. The first tip is to use the knowledge you have of your favorite athletes in the Ultimate Fighter Championship to your advantage. The more background knowledge you have about an athlete leading up to one of their fights the better. This leads to our next tip always try to stay tuned in to MMA news surrounding fighters as well as UFC events this will give a massive edge before placing a bet on UFC events.

Learn how to match fighters up

If you’re unsure at what you should be looking for when researching athletes before a placing an online bet then try to look at style matchups. There is an age old battle between style in the MMA community and it is important to know the styles of each fighter as well as how each styles match up against each other.

Look at MMA records

You can also look at a fighter’s record, some fighters go undefeated for many fights in a row. Additionally MMA is a physically taxing sport looking at a fighter’s age or injuries they may be dealing can also give you an advantage. Due to the nature of the sport athletes may take an extended time off from training in order to heal this can cause what is called ring rust and can also be a factor to look at.

The weigh-ins

Lastly MMA is an extremely physical sport therefore there are many emotions involved. Humans have breaking points and sometimes they can be visible on screen. This is why it is crucial to watch the weigh-ins before each fight. This is when fighters are weighed to ensure a similar size comparison and a fair fight. However many athletes train to lose a large amount of water in their bodies in order to make the required weight but will regain this “water-weight” as soon as they climb off the scale. By the time the fight actually commences the following day most fighters will be well above the weight limit of their category.


More MMA leagues to place wagers on through MMA betting sites

There are a wide variety of MMA leagues to choose from when looking to place bets online. The most obvious and apparent is the Ultimate Fighting Championship. With the most famous of champions ranging from Demetrious Johnson to Jon Jones. Though the UFC is the leading MMA league of the world it has many competitors constantly looking to satisfy the sports betting needs of gamblers wanting to use their cryptocurrencies to place online bets on the most anticipated fight nights.

One Championship

ONE Championship currently hosts ,Mixed Martial Arts, Muay Thai, kickboxing and grappling events. ONE Championship was formerly known as ONE Fighting Championship (ONE FC). One Championship is based in Singapore and was founded on 14 July 2011 by entrepreneur Chatri Sityodtong and former ESPN Star Sports senior executive Victor Cui.


Bellator Fight Promotions is an American mixed martial arts promotion that was founded in 2008. Bellator is based in Santa Monica California and is owned and operated as a subsidiary of ViacomCBS, it held it’s first ever event in 2009. Bellator is also one of the largest MMA organizations in America in fact it is second to the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

Professional Fighters League

Also known as the PFL, this organization was the first major MMA organization in which individual athletes compete in a regular season, post-season, and championship, rather than on a year-round basis. The PFL is an American MMA league that was founded in 2018. After acquiring a controlling stake in the PFL in 2017, MMAX Investment Partners have since fully owned the promotion.


Is it worth placing wagers on UFC betting sites with crypto?

Time savvy

To put it very bluntly yes! If you’re looking to place bets with crypto and look to win crypto in a downright convenient and lucrative manner, betting on events from the UFC and various other promotions through online sportsbook’s is certainly for you. Once you’ve understood how wagering requirements and betting odds work you’ll be placing bets with solid returns in no time. Players have the chance to view multiple promotions quickly with events and odds displayed clearly. This adds the opportunity for many betting options that one can choose from wherever and wherever maximizing betting.


Most of the top MMA sports betting sites have clear legal policies that outline wagering requirements, accepted cryptocurrencies, restricted countries and various other legalities. With support services that are widely and promptly available for any issues that players have placing wagers is convenient and feels authentic.


Frequently Asked Questions 

  • Can you make good returns through crypto MMA betting online?

    Crypto trading and the sport MMA are two very turbulent activities. Crypto markets are volatile and MMA fights are just as unpredictable. Through this there is risk involved when placing bets on MMA events especially when using crypto. However popular sites can render massive payout percentages at periodic intervals to MMA fans betting. One needs to ensure there betting decisions are calculated and informed.

  • Is it safe to bet on UFC events Online in 2021?

    It is crucial to consider that the world’s sports betting environment has grown immensely . The majority of popular digital sportsbooks are adequately secured and licensed. Players need to ensure that the digital sportsbooks they are associated with have regulated payment methods.

  • What should I look for in a UFC betting site?

    When choosing a UFC betting site try to look for a wide variety of UFC betting lines, different types of bets and odds. See what the sportsbook offers for sign up bonuses and what deposit and withdrawal methods they support. Get in touch with their customer service and support team to get a sense of how the interface of the site feels for you. Once you’ve done this try to repeat the process with other UFC betting sites until you find the one that suits you!


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